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Get these pre-Prime Day sales now on daily essentials before supplies run out

If it seems like we’ve been waiting a long time for Amazon Prime Day to roll around, it’s because we have. The annual retail holiday always gives us great deals on products, but it was delayed this year due to COVID-19.

Luckily, we don’t have to wait much longer. Amazon recently announced that this year’s Prime Day would be held on Oct. 13 and 14. Need help planning for the deals? Tap or click here for tips on how to snag the best Prime Day deals.

You don’t have to wait until Prime Day to get a jump on the sales, though. There are tons of early deals available right now, and I’ve outlined some I think you might want to check out below. From the best coffee to the tastiest snacks, these 15 essential items are available for a steal. You’ll need to move fast, though. The sale will be over before you know it.

1. You drink coffee all year round. Save 20% on all kinds of flavors of Amazon brand coffee that my Mom says in her Brooklyn accent, ‘Their Kona coffee is better than the coffee in Kona!’

If you’ve ever run out of coffee, you know how stressful it can be. Most of us can’t function without our caffeine kick. But you can prevent that coffee emergency from happening again if you stock up on Amazon brand coffee right now. All kinds of flavors are on sale. My Mom loves this coffee, and she knows a good cup o’ Joe. I’ll be stocking up for her while it’s 20% off, too.

Promising review: “I love this coffee. The aroma is wonderful when it’s brewing, and the taste is rich and smooth, I didn’t detect any bitterness at all. I’ve moved away from the stronger, bitter brews, but I still wanted a coffee with a full, rich taste, and this coffee is perfect.” — M. Miller, Amazon reviewer.

2. This unique tea helps your metabolism. These natural, organic, non-GMO delicious teas are 20% off — and they fit right into your K-Cup machine. Sweet!

Looking for a tea that can help manage your weight while also tasting good? Amazon shoppers swear by this natural, organic, non-GMO delicious tea. It’s made with oolong tea leaves that are infused with superfoods like Yerba Mate, Orange, Garcinia Cambogia and Rose Hip to help your metabolism stay in check. The pods fit right into a K-Cup machine, which means it’s easy to make and take on the go. Plus, it tastes delicious!

Promising review: “I was pleasantly surprised on how this tea tasted! It has done wonders for my bloat and the 10lb weight loss is a plus!” — TT, Amazon reviewer.

3. Yummy! Missing grandma’s sea salt caramels? These all-natural, handcrafted sea salt caramels are on sale, and they’ll remind you of your favorite homemade treats.

It’s hard to find caramels that taste like they’re homemade. These all-natural, handcrafted sea salt caramels knock it out of the park, though. They’re made in small batches from a century-old recipe — and they caught my eye because they’re the real deal. Ingredients include real butter, fresh heavy cream and Madagascar vanilla, and they’re based on the owner’s grandma’s same recipe from 100 years ago.

Promising review: “These caramels are 10 star for sure. Better than most homemade caramels. I have gotten 2 pecan & 1 sea salt caramels & they are all excellent. Very soft and sweet. You should really treat yourself. I noticed in reviews the complaints about few pecans. They aren’t supposed to be overloaded with nuts, just the pecan flavor. Perfect. PERFECT!!!!” — Sharon B, Amazon reviewer.

4. Sticking to a diet? These healthy mixed nuts are 20% off, and they’re the perfect snack to keep in your car or desk.

I always have healthy snacks around. These healthy mixed nuts single packs are a nutritious, superfood snack to add to your daily diet. No peanuts here — you’ll find almonds, cashews, macadamia nuts and walnuts. They’re on sale for 20% off right now, and each one of the packs fulfills daily recommended nuts consumption by FDA and USDA. They taste really good, too.

Promising review: “I bought these to have a healthy snack that helped me have more healthy fats in my diet. The taste is good and so far I haven’t had any bad nuts in my packets. A great snack with no guilt. Have not been disappointed with this purchase.” — Autu5300, Amazon reviewer.

5. Check temperatures from a safe distance with this multifunction infrared thermometer. It works great for adults and kids — and it’s 20% off right now.

If you need to replace your old thermometer, I recommend checking out this multifunction infrared thermometer. You can get it for 20% off right now, and it works like a charm.

All you have to do is press the button to get a temperature reading — no contact required — and it works for people of all ages. You can switch between object/room, ear, child forehead and adult forehead modes with just a push of a button. It can even store up to 40 readings so you can monitor temperature fluctuations over time.

Promising review: “This product works well. I like the green background giving the green light on your reading temp. It is easy to use. It does not come with batteries, you will need to insert 2 AAA batteries. Price is good compared to the $50+ this works amazing and is contactless.” — Rebecca Soto, Amazon reviewer.

6. Razors are expensive and so are the refills. Stock up on these women’s razor blade cartridges while they’re on sale.

It seems like I’m always running out of razor cartridges, and they’re so expensive to replace. If you have the same issue, these women’s razor blade cartridges are on sale right now. They work with Solimo Razor Handles and are packed with botanical oils to help the razor glide over your skin. They’re perfect to toss in the cabinet or drawer for when you need them. Trust me, you’ll use them all eventually so you might as well stock up.

Promising review: “I used to buy overpriced name brand razors and I figure I give these a try. I fell in love after first use. I’m a swimmer and doing races almost every weekend, these keep a super close shave to keep my moving fast through the water. Totally worth the buy. Even better the those “Shave Clubs”, these razors stay sharp, and always ready to go.” — S., Amazon reviewer.

7. Need a new razor to tame that COVID beard? These MotionSphere razors are 20% off and will do the trick. Comes with 16 extra cartridges. Nice.

Thinking about growing a winter beard? You’re still going to need to keep it in shape. That’s why I like these MotionSphere razors. They are designed to follow the contours of your face and even have a beard trimmer for shaving your goatee, sideburns and other hard-to-navigate areas. You’ll spend a lot less on them, too — especially right now while they’re 20% off.

Promising review: “This is amazing. I’ve been shaving since 10 and I’m 29. This is better than dollar shave club as it comes to me same day and it’s sharper than Gillette fusion. I literally thought the blades we’re too sharp when I got them. Still on the same blade weeks after.” E., Amazon reviewer.

8. Get a bright smile fast with this 10-day whitening kit. It’s on sale for 20% right now.

If you’ve been looking for affordable teeth whitening, this 10-day whitening kit is on sale right now. I like it because it includes everything you’d get from a more expensive kit but for much less money. Plus, the enamel-safe strips only need to be used for 30 minutes for 10 days to get that pearly white smile you want.

Promising review: “These are just like Crest Whitestrips! These Solimo brand whitening strips are just as effective and way more affordable. My teeth were looking dull from a recent increase in coffee intake after having a baby — I hadn’t used whitening strips in more than a year and decided to give these a shot. They’re great. They are sticky and thin enough to adhere closely to the spaces where teeth touch and haven’t caused an excess of sensitivity to my teeth or gums. My smile is so bright now!” — Christie Hendrickson, Amazon reviewer.

9. Combat viruses, bacteria and other germs with this spray hand sanitizer. It’s the same formula that’s used in medical facilities!

Hand sanitizer is a necessity these days, and I keep a bottle with me wherever I go. This spray hand sanitizer is made from the same formula that’s used in medical facilities. I like it because it doesn’t require soap and water, and it’s not sticky or noxious like some of the other medical-grade options. You just spray it on your hands and rub them together to sanitize. Easy!

Promising review: “I work in a medical office. Didn’t like the smell of the current hand sanitizer they used, so bought my own. The fact that it’s a spray is VERY convenient. Yes, there is an alcohol smell to it… but that’s a good thing (in my opinion.) I love it. Doesn’t make my hands crack like most of the liquid (water type) sanitizers we’d been using. Highly recommend!” — Amazon reviewer.

10. Suffer from heartburn? Stock up on this acid reducer, which has the same active ingredient as other brands but is a lot cheaper.

If you’ve been stocking up on name-brand heartburn relief, you need to check out this acid reducer. It uses the same active ingredient as other brands but is a lot cheaper — especially now that it’s on sale. You’ll get 42 capsules, which amounts to three 14-day treatment courses, along with a lot of relief from the burning pain of heartburn.

Promising review: “My mom ran out of Nexium. It was the end of the month, she lives on a fixed income and she wanted me to buy some for her. I checked the prices and I was like, “No way am I paying that much!”. I ordered this instead. She grumbled but took it. Now Mom wants me to continue buying this brand for her… lol.” — Feli, Amazon reviewer.

11. This year has led to a lot of pain and headaches. Solve that problem by loading up on these Ibuprofin soft gels while they’re on sale.

Let’s face it: 2020 has been the cause of many headaches. I have had to stock up on ibuprofen and you might want to, too. These ibuprofen soft gels work just as well as Advil Liquid-Gels to knock out pains and aches. The bottle contains 300 capsules, 200 mg each. These gel caps can knock out fevers and relieve minor aches and pains due to headache, toothache, backache, the common cold and minor pain of arthritis.

Promising review: “It works fantastic, just like a brand that you would find in a store. Easy to swallow, relieves the pain right away, and just as good as a name brand in my opinion. Will restock on this again when we run out!” — James 77, Amazon reviewer.

12. These heartburn chews work just as well as name-brand options to relieve heartburn and gas, but they’re a lot more affordable than the competition.

Heartburn and gas pills are a necessary addition to any medicine cabinet, but name-brand options can be pricy. I like these gas chews, which work just as well as other options to relieve heartburn and gas but are more affordable. All you have to do is pop one in your mouth when you’re having stomach issues and these extra-strength gas chews will get right to work.

Promising review:Works great if your stomach is feeling lousy. Might be indigestion or gas…doesn’t matter this just makes you feel better. Great if you’ve maybe had a little too much food or drink the night before. Simethicone is totally safe and so is a base, so I feel more comfortable taking this over a proton pump inhibitor.” — Kurt R., Amazon reviewer.

13. Fill your pantry with this healthy trail mix. It’s the perfect blend of crunchy, chewy, salty and sweet.

I love keeping trail mix on hand for times when I need a sweet and salty snack. If you want to snag a delicious, affordable snack, this healthy trail mix is on sale right now and it’s awesome. You’ll get a 48-ounce stand-up, resealable bag filled with peanuts, M&M’s, raisins, almonds and cashews. It’s the perfect mix of crunchy, chewy, salty and sweet.

Promising review: “I have enjoyed along with family members all of the Happy Belly products. This one, however, is my very favorite and since it is quite habit-forming, I have to ‘hide’ it from myself! I am reminded of that old adage the one potato chip is not enough as one eats the whole bag. The size of this trail mix would prohibit polishing it off in one sitting by one person. Don’t expect it to last if it is set out for a group of people! We aren’t hikers but carrying a little bag when out shopping or waiting in a doctor’s office is acceptable! Yum! Yum!” — DH Leschot, Amazon reviewer.

14. Dealing with an achy neck or back? These 4% lidocaine patches can help — and they’re on sale right now.

Many of us suffer from back and neck pain, and it can be hard to get a grip on the issue. I like these 4% lidocaine patches, which can knock out pain from aggravated nerves in minutes. All you have to do is stick one to the area that’s bothering you. There’s no mess, no pills and no frustration. Just pure relief.

Promising review: “These patches are almost as good as the Rx version that contain 5% lidocaine. The relief is just as good, it just lasts for a few less hours. They are sticky and stay well when applied to clean, dry skin. They work great for my areas of chronic and acute pain. If they are out of stock, check back in a few days… their availability fluctuates. I just restock early to compensate for availability issues.” — Rebecca Erin Fortune, Amazon reviewer.

15. Daily vitamins are important, especially now in this pandemic. Barry and Ian take these Pure By Nature multivitamins for men — and they’re awesome.

Finding a multivitamin that includes all of the good stuff can be tough. My husband and son swear by these Pure By Nature multivitamins for men, which contain everything you’d want in a multivitamin. They’re all-natural, organic and contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin K2, Thiamin, Riboflavin and a ton of other vitamins and minerals. It’s an easy way to make sure your body is fueled with the best stuff from fruits and vegetables.

Promising review:My husband says they seem to make him feel better throughout the day. We like that they have methylated b vitamins.” — Mrskstar, Amazon reviewer.

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