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Amazon launches a Kickstarter alternative – Would you buy these 3 products?

It’s hard to imagine how we would deal with the pandemic without the internet. Of course, people had to make do in the past, but we were used to digital convenience long before COVID-19.

Online shopping has seen a rise as we get our essentials delivered right to our doors. With restrictions set on gyms, we have turned to the web to get our fitness fix. Last year saw a boom in remote workouts, as people ordered exercise machines offering streaming classes. In particular, Peloton bikes have been hard to get a hold of due to their high demand. Tap or click here for help on finding a used model.

We can get virtually anything we want online, but there’s always that thing you didn’t know you needed until you saw it. Think Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Amazon has seen the potential in offering novel products and introduced a new program called Build It. The idea is that if enough people pre-order this stuff, Amazon will build it and ship it. Read on to see how this all works.

How it works

Build It is a spinoff of Amazon’s Day 1 Editions program, where early versions of products were built and sent to consumers for testing. If things go well, Amazon -produces more of them for more people. Tap or click here for some great deals on hand sanitizer from Amazon.

Build It takes this concept to an earlier stage, where Amazon presents ideas that have not yet materialized. If enough people pre-order the product in 30 days, Amazon will build it and send it to those consumers. Full refunds are issued if the goal isn’t met.

Here are the products available so far.

1. Smart cuckoo clock

Cuckoo clocks have been around for years and are due for a digital overhaul. This one works with Alexa so you can set reminders and timers with your voice. If you are using Alexa, you likely already have the virtual assistant on your phone, TV, PC, wearables, etc. This clock may be more novelty, but with its 60 LEDs and mechanical cuckoo bird, it’s a cool combination of classic and modern. Pre-order it here for under $80.

2. Smart nutrition scale

We are doing what we can to watch our weight during these tough times, but tracking what we eat is a chore. This smart scale pairs with Alexa to give you the nutrition facts of food based on its weight. You can add Echo Show support to catch this information easily. Place food on the scale and ask about sugar, calories and more. Alexa also remembers your favorite meals. Put in your order here for under $35.

3. Smart sticky note printer

We use sticky notes for all sorts of reminders, lists and to-dos. Our work desks and refrigerators are covered in them. Sometimes you get an idea and want to write it down immediately, but by the time you find a pen and paper, it’s gone. That’s where this little machine comes in. It’s a printer that produces sticky notes as dictated by you. It never needs ink or toner and you can pre-order it now for under $90.

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