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iPad accessories way cheaper than the original Apple versions

Do you love your Apple products but cringe at the prices of all those accessories? You’re not alone. Thankfully, there are tons of affordable accessories on the market that deliver the same high quality at a fraction of the price.

If you took advantage of those Amazon Prime Day deals earlier this year, you’ve got yourself a gorgeous new iPad. But now you need a keyboard case, stylus pen, a great stand, a protective case and more.

You’re in luck. We’ve got 10 iPad accessories that will make your life a little easier and your iPad experience more enjoyable without breaking the bank.

1. Turn your iPad into a laptop

2. Draw like a pro

3. Scroll with ease

4. Protect your iPad

5. Everyone needs a backup

6. Travel protection

7. Connect everything

8. Never lose your accessories

9. Perfect for your office

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