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Affordable home oximeters

Affordable and accurate home oximeters to measure your oxygen levels in seconds

Home health tools help to monitor your health and understand when there’s a genuine cause for concern. One of the first warning signs from your body is a low oxygen saturation level.

Oximeters gauge your oxygen level in roughly one minute, provide you with measurable health metrics and grant you peace of mind. Here are the best oximeters that are accurate and affordable.

Amemo finger pulse portable oximeter

Under laboratory conditions, this oximeter provides accuracy within an error margin of 1%, which is the best you’ll find for in-home devices. With high-speed computing chips, you get real-time accuracy without a long wait.

If your Sp02 levels are low, an audible, low-volume alarm sounds. Thanks to the OLED screen, results are bright and crystal clear so that you can use your oximeter in low-light environments without issues.

This runs on two AAA batteries that last for years without needing to be swapped out, thanks to the low power consumption. Amemo includes a 24-month warranty with your purchase, including complete replacement if your oximeter fails due to a manufacturer defect.

Innovo premium fingertip pulse oximeter

Ease of use is vital for oximeters. You want to hook your finger up as quickly as possible and get rapid results, and Innovo makes that possible. Thanks to the easy opening on the front of this oximeter, you can slide this on without prying the end open.

Tap the easy operation button near the OLED display to gauge results. Results display in bright yellow and vivid cyan to make them easy to see in low-light conditions. This model also shows your pulse to monitor and record your resting heart rate.

Choose from six different display layouts to show results. This uses two AAA batteries (the standard for most oximeters). However, there is no warranty information available that we can find.

Amemo fingertip oximeter with perfusion index

Amemo makes a lot of different oximeters. This one runs on two AAA batteries and includes Amemo’s standard 24-month warranty and its attention to detail and build quality. This oximeter includes a bright OLED display housed in a durable ABS shell.

After 10 seconds, you’ll start to see a reading. Give it 60 seconds after your initial reading appears to get your average. Amemo includes a carrying case to prevent damage to your OLED screen, plus a lanyard for easy retrieval.

You’ll see your Sp02 level, heart rate and current battery level, perfusion index, and plethysmogram levels on your screen. Everything you need is right in front of you in vivid display. Tap the power button to turn it on; leave it idle for 15 seconds, and it will automatically shut off to save your battery life.

Zacurate pro series 500DL fingertip oximeter

Zacurate makes its affordable 500DL series oximeters with a simple LED screen. Bright red digital clock-style numbers display your resting heart rate and oxygen saturation level.

Your results will be less clear without an OLED screen and more pixel density, but you’ll save money with this more basic screen. It runs on two AAA batteries and includes a 12-month warranty with US-based phone support if you need it.

Zacurate is the most popular choice for its low cost, high accuracy and quick results. The spring-loaded interior extends to support larger fingers, while the silicone case is comfortable and easy to grip while you wait for results.

Santamedical generation 2 fingertip pulse oximeter

Last but not least, price meets performance without sacrificing the beautiful and sharp OLED display we’ve seen in premium oximeters. Santamedical makes an easy-to-operate oximeter that sits within a 1% margin of error rating.

Display your Sp02 levels and resting heart rate in six different screen orientations. Its OLED display shines bright in the dark and automatically shuts down after 10 seconds of inactivity, saving battery life.

This runs on two AAA batteries but has a relatively short battery life. You may find yourself replacing these batteries every six months or so. Otherwise, it’s a great device that gives you results in seconds.

Oximeter FAQs

Oximeters can provide scary results if you don’t know how to use them. Here are some quick FAQs on how to use oximeters and what levels are normal for adults.

What’s a normal oxygen level for adults?

95% or higher. Levels may briefly lower after physical exertion such as exercise, yard work or intensive chores. Allow yourself time to catch your breath before using your oximeter.

Levels below 95% oxygen saturation in a state of rest are a cause for concern. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, those levels require a call to your PCP.

How long do you keep an oximeter on your finger?

Most oximeters give you immediate feedback but still take time to stabilize results. You should give it up to 60 seconds before accepting the results. Record the highest and lowest levels each time you check your oxygen.

What is the minimum oxygen level for COVID-19 patients?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, patients with an oxygen saturation level below 90% should begin oxygen therapy. Use this resource for a list of CDC recommendations regarding COVID-19 and oxygen levels.

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