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Eco-friendly cleaning products.

Skip the harmful chemicals – 10 affordable, eco-friendly cleaning and personal care products

Amazon Aware is a new line of everyday items made in eco-friendly ways. That means there are fewer carbon emissions during the production of these products, and they meet several eco-friendly certifications, such as the Global Recycled Standard.

The Climate Pledge Friendly program includes reputable certification programs like Fairtrade International, Compact By Design, Bluesign, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and more.

There are also clothing options that have been certified by the many programs in the Climate Pledge Friendly program. Tap or click here for Amazon Aware men’s and Amazon Aware women’s clothing options.

If you’re ready to use affordable and sustainable eco-friendly products, check out our top 10 picks.

1. Soft and organic

2. Wash with a 'clean' conscience

3. Perfect for any bedroom

4. Vegan and eco-friendly

5. Feel your best

6. Great for sensitive skin

7. Wake up refreshed

8. No more paper towels

9. Nourish your skin

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