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9 things I buy for Abby that your dog deserves, too

Abby is my golden retriever, and I love her to bits. I show that love by spoiling her with treats, toys and affection — and your dog deserves to be spoiled, too.

But when there are so many products in the pet toy, pet care and pet treat markets, it can be challenging to determine which items are best for Fido. Tap or click for the best way to keep an eye on your pets inside and out.

Let me help. Here are nine great products I got for Abby that I believe your dogs will enjoy.

1. No-mess food trays

2. Now Fluffy will take her meds

3. Protect Fido's neck

4. Always know where your dog is

5. Great when traveling

6. Always clean up after your dog

7. For the light chewers

8. It looks just like Abby!

9. Healthy eating

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