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gifts from Amazon, including a diary, pasta maker and game system

Non-tech gifts for the person who has everything

Do you have someone on your list who is known for being impossible to buy for? We all know at least one person who buys exactly what they want when they want it, leaving us scrambling to find something they don’t already own.

Or you have that person on your list who is, shall we say, picky.

Well, you can say goodbye to all those basic fallbacks like gift cards and cash. Check out our list of 10 non-tech gift ideas that say, “I was thinking of you and knew this would be perfect.” Happy shopping!

1. For the night owl

2. For the person who works from home

3. For the aspiring chef

4. For the collector

5. For the hard worker

6. For the planner

7. For the traveler

8. For the sort-techie

9. For the golfer

10. For the planner

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