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Don’t break the bank this holiday season — the best tech from Anker, Fitbit and Roku for under $100

Who are you shopping for this year? In-laws, parents, grandparents, children, nieces, nephews and friends all prefer their brand of merrymaking. This makes it difficult to know where to begin.

These holiday gifts are all safe bets as far as we’re concerned. The best holiday gifts in 2022 all have one thing in common — they’re extremely useful.

Sometimes, it’s best to wait until after the holidays to splurge on special gifts and toys. For the following favorites, however, you’re more than cleared for takeoff.

1. Keep your devices topped off

A power station is the ultimate move for a friend, partner, or loved one who lives to grind. A messy desk full of unruly cables instantly becomes a thing of the past, and your devices will charge faster, requiring less power overall.

With this model by Mophie, you’ll find everything you need to juice up your smartphone, wearables and anything else in your collection. It’s portable, too, freeing you to take it anywhere under the sun.

2. Charge and use your phone hands-free

This one is more for the bedroom or your home office; the Belkin MagSafe is a smartphone harness compatible with iPhone 12 and up.

Just like the Mophie power bank, you’ll be able to use this charging stand to power multiple devices wirelessly. You can still use your smartphone while on the hook, which is why we love ours anywhere we frequently take a lot of calls.

3. For those hard-to-reach places

Tech can have a place in your hygienic routine. The Waterpik Advanced Water Flosser makes cleaning your pearly whites an absolute pleasure.

The tip rotates as you floss, and you can control the device’s water pressure using simple controls on the front of the handle. It even charges wirelessly, minimizing the chaos on your bathroom counter. What’s not to love?

4. Print on the go

If you’ve got a friend with many memories to share, they will love this Kodak photo printer. It’s a minuscule printer that links up with any device and allows you to print off your snapshots wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Kodak’s Zink (zero ink) technology means you’ll never have to worry about scrambling with ink ribbons or cartridges out in the wild. Travelers, foodies and socialites will all find plenty of use with this little printer.

5. Portable fire pit

Has your best friend just settled into a new home? Break in that back patio in style with this modern fire pit — no bonfire required!

Use it to warm your hands, toast some marshmallows or simply as a bit of romantic ambiance during those late nights. You’ll find this compact, semi-portable favorite to be a real crowd-pleaser.

6. Take all your books with you

This bare-bones, no-nonsense Kindle device will be a sight for sore eyes if you’ve got a book lover on your list. Its glare-free display, long battery life and intuitive UI remove all technological barriers keeping your friend or relative from their favorite titles on the go. 

7. Charge your phone anytime, anywhere

No wires? No fuss? We’re sold. Anker’s portable phone charger is one of the best we’ve ever tried.

We love that it folds away with our device when it’s time to move. Keep your phone charged anywhere, and forget about struggling with annoying charging cables on the go.

8. For the gamer in your life

The gamers on our list already have it all, making this novelty a must-try if you have no idea what their collection is missing. All you have to do is slip your smartphone into the body of the controller, and you’ll be able to use it like you would on any console controller.

It’s worth noting that you’ll enjoy one free month of Xbox Game Pass Unlimited with your purchase — that might be something you can enjoy on your own.

9. Smart curtain motor

Did you know that even your window treatments can be smart? The SwitchBot Curtain Smart Electric Motor can do it all for you — draw the blinds, close up shop for the evening and everything in between.

They’re compatible with every type of curtain system, whether you use tab-top curtains or one with grommets. You can pair them with both Alexa devices or your Google Home.

10. An upgraded paper airlane

We want to recommend this for any kids you’re shopping for, but the truth is that few will balk at this marvel on Christmas morning.

Use your smartphone to pilot this remote-controlled toy; it’s one of the most enjoyable diversions we’ve enjoyed this holiday season. 

11. Stream from any TV

Give them the gift of unlimited streaming this year — the Roku Ultra has got to be one of our top recommendations for parents, grandparents or technologically-deprived friends in search of the best way to stream.

The package comes complete with a Roku box and a remote. All they’ll need is a device to watch their favorite shows and movies. Not bad, especially considering the holiday discount.

12. Wireless earbuds for everyone

If your loved ones have never tried adaptive active noise-canceling wearables, this may be the gift you’ve been searching for. Soundcore by Anker is a real game-changer for anybody who needs perfect silence to get into the zone.

Students, professionals and homemakers will all be thrilled with the quality these wireless buds offer. Enjoy the afternoon in pristine silence — and get a lot done with your newfound sense of focus and drive.

13. The gold standard

For your friends firmly on team iPhone, a new pair of 2nd generation Apple AirPods may be a more suitable take. It’s the sound you crave made possible by the name you trust; need we say more?

14. Better outdoor light displays

It may be too late to upgrade your parents’ arsenal this year. For next year, though, these smart bulbs come with all the fixings.

Designed specifically with the holidays in mind, they will love not only the sheer variety they’re able to achieve on their turf but also the ease of use that the Govee app allows. They’ll be able to easily customize their outdoor light display, all from their smartphone.

15. Fitness tracking without all the distractions

We’ll always be proponents of simple, intuitive tech for holiday gifts, especially when our parents or in-laws are concerned. The Fitbit Inspire 3 does away with the pretense of most fitness apps and programs — the wearer’s entire profile is accessible right from the onboard display.

It’s an incredible device when at the gym or on the run, but it also includes features like sleep-tracking and even widgets dedicated to mindfulness and stress reduction.

16. Keep your clothes neat and pressed

Nobody likes to look frumpy on the job (or on a date!). Enter Conair’s take on the perfect fabric steamer — this lightweight and portable device can help you keep your garments in order for job interviews, romantic encounters or anywhere else you need to look your best.

The contraption is approved by Good Housekeeping, and it even has a built-in creaser for pleats and folds. Are you ready to look your sharpest? 

17. Smart lighting at the touch of a button

How smart is your favorite person’s space? Sometimes, something as simple as a new set of smart bulbs can make a difference.

They’ll be able to use your smart assistant of preference to maintain the lighting in their home — this set comes in soft white, but other compatible bulbs allow them to use this base kit to revolutionize their entire scheme.

18. Wake up to natural light

They say that natural lighting is the best way to wake up. Philips’ sun simulation series capitalizes on this claim to bring you the best morning.

With a broad spectrum of nature-mimicking color options, you’ll enjoy a radiant, inviting experience every time you roll out of bed. Studies show that light emulation of the natural band of the sun is what our bodies crave. This is an excellent place to begin if you’ve never tried light therapy.

19. Best garden shears around

The cut of the blade can make all the difference. You can’t go wrong with a high-quality pair of name-brand garden shears for the green thumbs on your list.

These things get the job done, whether pruning flowers or harvesting vegetables from your garden. A sharp blade, an ergonomic handle and a lifetime warranty make these a must-have staple in any gardener’s toolkit.

20. Kids of all ages love LEGO!

Finally, we have to round things out with an indisputable classic. LEGOs are fantastic, and this creative brick box won’t limit your young builder to a simple, single-pamphlet build-out.

We may receive a commission when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

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