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15 great gifts under $15 that don’t feel like last-minute gifts

It’s not too late to buy a great Christmas gift. But if you’ve already done most of your shopping, your wallet might be looking a little thin. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to buy a gift others will love.

One of the best places to buy cheap gifts is on Amazon, after you pony up for a Prime membership. Tap or click here for 11 Prime perks you’ll use all the time.

To help you finish up your holiday shopping, I’ve found 15 great gifts — all under $15. Order soon to get them to your recipient before Christmas Day. You’ll see firsthand that you don’t have to spend a ton to make a splash.

1. Webcam blocker for your phone, tablet or computer so you can be sure no one is watching

Here’s a gift anyone will love. We’re all on our computers and webcams a lot more than ever. It can make you worry someone is peeking when you don’t want them to. Fight back with the Bad Guy Blocker.

This removable webcam cover works on laptops, phones, and tablets. I love the way it’s designed. It’s black with pink lashes, the perfect way to remember you’re staying safe from prying eyes. Plus, it’s so tiny that it doesn’t get in the way, even if you’re working on a small laptop.

Promising review: “I have one on every computer! Very clean and discreet and much better than a torn piece of a Post-it Note. Great way to keep the camera covered when I want it covered without having to clean off the camera. Never have to worry about accidentally turning on the camera again. Slider stays in place. I have had them for well over a year and they’re still stuck in place.

2. Make any outlet one you can control with a remote in a cinch with this electrical outlet switch

Know someone with a dark hallway, spooky attic or another dim area. Good news: There’s no need for an electrician to come in and rewire. Instead, tell them to just plug in this wireless electrical outlet switch from BN-LINK.

They can easily install a remote control to the wall. Plus, they don’t need any programming to set this up. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

This works for lights, fans, and small appliances. It’s got a long range and 120 voltage. This plug-in mount is an easy-to-use and flexible tool with a strong signal. It’s a great gift that sure to light up some faces on Christmas morning. At under $20, it’s hard to beat.

Promising review: “I attached the switch to the cord leading to a ceiling lamp that had no switch. Then I popped in the battery to the remote and pressed the ON button, and it worked. It turned my light on. I expected there would be some sort of programming needed. But no, I didn’t even read the instructions and it worked the first time. How often does that happen? This is a great product.”

3. Perfect Christmas ornament for 2020 so you can remember the good times

This charming little Christmas Ornament by Soul Décor celebrates the good, the bad, and the ugly times of 2020. It comes in a classy velvet pouch with a red ribbon.

This high-quality ornament is sure to give your loved ones a chuckle when they unwrap it — and for years to come. Plus, it’s made in the U. S. with 98% recyclable coated aluminum.

Promising review: “This ornament is perfect! It’s of great quality with a very clean image and sturdy feel. Metal is light enough to hang nicely on a Christmas tree, but heavy enough to last for years and years without any foreseeable damage or deterioration. My order even included a nice soft velvet storage bag. Would certainly recommend this product to those looking for a Christmas ornament to remember the pandemic of 2020; even though many of us would like to forget it!

4. Wow, it’s a pen that’s also a ruler, stylus, screwdriver, phone stand, and a bottle opener

The ATECH Multifunction Pen is perfect for the professional in your life. It’s also great for forgetful friends. This one pen has seven helpful functions. Check them out: 

  1. Ballpoint pen
  2. Stylus
  3. Bottle opener
  4. Mini flathead screwdriver
  5. Phillips screwdriver
  6. Metric and inch ruler
  7. Phone stand

Now, your friends don’t have to wonder where they put their stylus, pen, or screwdriver. It’s all in one easy-to-use tool!

Promising review: “I bought this as a birthday gift for my husband who is kind of a tough person to gift shop for. He really enjoys using this! He likes things that can serve a purposeful use and this multi function tool pen is perfect for a no fuss guy like my hubby. He keeps it in his uniform pocket and it goes everywhere with him on a daily basis. Huge gift giving WIN!!”

5. Turn your phone into a big screen to see the big picture

I just love tools that put a new spin on your smartphone. I mean, we all spend way too much time with our phones. Sometimes, though, the squinting takes its toll.

If you know someone who’s always on their phone, they’re gonna love the ARCTIC EAGLE Screen Magnifier. It uses a curved screen that magnifies phone screens 2.5 times. Plus, it frees hands and protects necks. 

This gift is a great way to make a loved one’s life just a little bit easier, especially if they don’t have the best vision anymore.

Promising review: “This a nice product to have, easy to use, really just a big magnifying glass, so you see the whole phone and not just the picture, but it’s cheap and it works and I don’t have to squint or drop the phone in my face anymore.”

6. A practical steering wheel desk for anyone on the go

Know someone who is always go-go-go? The Cutequeen Steering Wheel Desk attaches to the steering wheel to create an easy-to-use desk for that person who’s always running around.

Although it’s light to carry, this desk is sturdy enough to support a laptop, lunch, and notepad. Just hook it on to a steering wheel, and they’ve got an instant ergonomic desk. Just make sure you warn your recipient not to use it while driving.

Promising review: “It’s a must if you are law enforcement. Wonder why my department didn’t just add this to all of our units. Affordable and useful! Highly recommended.

7. Perfect gift for someone who lives in cold weather and loves music: Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Sure, you could let your friends walk around with clunky headphones. Or they could listen to music in style with this high-tech Bluetooth Beanie Hat. I love this for teenagers who always walk around with noise-canceling earbuds in!

This unique gift is perfect for the music-lover in your life: It keeps their head and ears warm all winter, while playing their favorite tunes. With advanced Bluetooth 5.0 tech, the sound quality is excellent. Plus, the dual headphones and Bluetooth control panel are easy to remove. You don’t have to sweat about keeping it clean.

Promising review: “Comfortable and great sound quality – I was surprised at how good the sound quality is, for a really decent price. Initially I bought this to listen to music while I’m jogging outdoors. Then, we took a 10-hour family trip and I brought the hat along and let my child wear it and listen to music. It was the best idea ever!! I was able to program the music for my child from my phone, and the adults were able to rest or have our own conversations without being distracted. It was a win-win!”

8. Get the Magnetic Wristband for the handyman (or woman)

This practical gift will make your friend’s life easier every time they use it. The EastPin Magnetic Wristband comes with super strong magnets for holding screws, nails, drill bits, and other tools. The wristband is so strong it can even hold pruning sheers! It comes in soft material that adjusts for a comfortable fit.

This gift is a great time-saver. Imagine how much time the DIYer in your life will save searching for tools once you gift them this wristband. If you know someone who works on a lot of home improvement projects, they’ll love this.

Promising review: “My husband is a licensed contractor and has literally any and every tool you can think of so it was a challenge to find something cool he can use for work that he doesn’t yet own. I saw this magnetic cuff online and after digging in the tool shed and not finding anything similar, I went for it and ordered as one of his holiday gifts. SO glad I did! He really really enjoyed it and was like a kid in a candy store trying to check the magnet strength with our kitchen utensils!

9. Instant Pot Cookbook for anyone who needs to know how to cook more than chicken

Got an aspiring chef in the family? Or maybe someone just learning to cook. The Instant Pot Cookbook comes with 800 quick and easy recipes.

Whether you’re buying this for a new chef or someone who’s familiar in the kitchen, they’re sure to find some tasty recipes, like Herb Chicken with Potatoes & Green Beans or Mom’s Rump Roast. Yum! Who knows — maybe they’ll find a fun new recipe to make over the Christmas holiday.

Promising review: “My Instant Pot was probably one of the best purchase I’ve ever made. But this cookbook is a very close second! Anything you could ever want is in this cookbook. Even if you have picky eaters, you’ll find something for everyone. If you cook with an Instant Pot, you need this cookbook!”

10. 5 survival gear essentials in just one Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet: Fire starter, reliable compass, loud emergency whistle, emergency knife, and 12-feet of military-grade paracord

Got an outdoor enthusiast in the family? This Atomic Bear Paracord Bracelet makes the perfect gift. Your loved one will get five survival gear essentials in just one bracelet:

  1. Fire starter
  2. Reliable Compass
  3. Loud emergency whistle
  4. Emergency knife
  5. 12 feet of military-grade paracord 

Best of all, this gadget doesn’t eat up all the space in their backpack. This gift comes with a ton of great stuff, all wrapped around their wrist!

Promising review: “Amazing customer service! Atomic Bear sent an email before the product arrived with a link to a video on how to use the fire striker. I ordered this set to ease my child’s anxiety. The compass seems pretty accurate and the little knife would certainly help to open the paracord or strip twigs for kindling in a survival situation. The whistle is definitely loud. The adjustability made this paracord bracelet actually fit my wrist although too bulky for my 8 year old daughter she put it on her hiking pack. Not only does having this little emergency bracelet make my kid feel more prepared in a sorta scary world but in a worst case scenario it would certainly deliver.

11. Know someone who wears the same jewelry every day? The GEMORO Sparkle Wand is a quick and easy way to keep gems clean

This is the ultimate gift for the person in your life who loves to sparkle. The GEMORO Sparkle Wand Portable Jewelry Cleaner comes with a soft brush that safely cleans all types of jewelry. Makeup, lotions, and cosmetic buildup slip away with this portable cleaner. 

Promising review: “I’ve tried many jewelry cleaners but this is by far the best. I used it on my wedding rings and they shined brighter than they have in years. Even more than when a jeweler cleaned them a few months ago.”

12. Make vegetable spaghetti that’s so yummy with the Fullstar Vegetable Slicer

This four-in-one Fullstar Vegetable Spiralizer Slicer is a kitchen workhorse. It turns everything from carrots to zucchini to apples into fun-to-eat noodles. This neat little tool is made up of four parts, so it’s super easy to assemble and clean. 

Surprise the chef in your family with this vegetable slicer. Or if you know a vegetarian who loves their zucchini noodles, they’ll love this!  Perfect for all your low-carb friends, too.

Promising review: “I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I’ve used it for fettuccine-style and spaghetti-style noodles with a variety of vegetables. It works great! The container is a little small, but if you take the bottom off, you can hold it over a larger bowl. Only cut one end of your vegetable off and use the holder on the other end to minimize waste. Besides working great, everything is dishwasher safe. Given the affordable price, definitely give this a try.”

13. ‘If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some’ (Wine, Chocolate, Coffee) Socks

Get these socks that speak from the sole. These machine-washable novelty socks fit U.S. sizes 6 to 12. No matter what size shoe your loved one wears, they’re sure to send a subliminal message to anyone in the house.

Who knows? If they kick their feet up, someone might bring them some coffee, wine or chocolate. There’s only one way to find out!

Promising review: “Great product. I bought them as a Christmas gift and they were eagerly received. The quality and fit were so good, I had to order extra pairs for the original recipient as well as buy some for myself. The non-skid grips are substantial and grip the floor extremely well and the fit is so comfy and perfect. If you have someone with cold feet or you want something warmer for yourself, I highly recommend this product.”

14. ‘Ready, Aim, and Fire’ with this toilet night light

Make potty-training fun with the Toilet Bowl Night Light with Motion Sensor LED. This is a great gag gift for adults, but it can also be helpful for families with young kids. It comes with vivid LED lights that flicker on when you enter the bathroom.

This way, the kiddo in your life won’t be scared when they answer nature’s call in the middle of the night. Choose from eight vivid colors with just the push of a button. Plus, it comes with a sturdy, adjustable arm that makes installation easy on any toilet bowl. 

At the very least, this gift is a great way to lighten the mood on Christmas morning.

Promising review: “It works perfectly…Our bathroom is quite large and it senses us from over 6 feet away. I also noticed it switches off fairly promptly after leaving the room, which is great to extend battery life! We love having the colors fading in and out of each other, but it works to keep it on one color too…Definitely buy this for yourself, your partner, your kids, your housemate. It is so cheap you don’t even need an excuse, just to make them smile!”

15. Pick up metal objects with this stick that’s also a flashlight

Know someone who often loses their keys? Now they can find treasures anywhere with the VIBELITE Magnet 3 LED Magnetic Pickup tool. It’s small enough to fit in a purse easily, it uses a small disc battery, and the magnetic tip is strong enough to pick up dropped tools. 

If you’ve got a friend or family member who is always working on projects around the house, the VIBELITE Magnetic Pickup tool is a no-brainer. It helps them find those hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, plus it brightens up dark spots to make in-home updates go smoothly.

Promising review: “My son loves this item! He attaches it on his grill when he grills at night – keeps sending me pictures of how much he loves it. He used to grill in the dark and I heard all of his complaints. I didn’t get it for that but he uses it mainly to grill and he says it’s helpful for other things too. This was his favorite holiday gift he said! Great price, fast ship, neat and helpful item. Would recommend. Thanks!”

Bonus: Or give an Amazon Gift Card

Not sure what someone wants? Give them the gift of choice with an Amazon Gift Card. Friends and family can buy whatever you want — on your dime!

Since Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace, they’re sure to find something they need. Plus, it comes packaged up nicely. Just check out the bow.

Promising review: “I give these away as gifts so I can not attest to if they work or not. I have never received angry calls or nasty texts from recipients in the middle of the night cursing me for giving them a bum gift. Kudos to Amazon for getting this right. The bow tie is a plus as now my cat is dapperly dressed for formal occasions.

You know I just had to see the aforementioned cat. Check out this dapper little guy!

We may receive a commission when you buy through our links, but our reporting and recommendations are always independent and objective.

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