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Amazon gifts under $50

Need more holiday shopping inspiration? 15 crowd pleasers under $50

Christmas shopping can feel overwhelming, especially if you have a lot of people on your list. Don’t worry. We’ve got plenty of gift ideas for you to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect present for friends, family or coworkers, or if you’re just in need of a generic item for a gift exchange, we’ve got your back.

Here are 15 great gift ideas guaranteed to please. The best part? They’re all less than $50.

1. Great for a coworker

2. Everyone likes waffles

3. Who wouldn't love a Roku?

4. We all love massages

5. Great for students

6. Everyone loves kitchen gadgets

7. Perfect for pampering

8. Great winter gift

9. Capture all the good times

10. Perfect for hosts

11. Listen in style

12. Get comfortable

13. Who doesn't like coffee?

14. Stay charged up

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