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Early Black Friday deals

13 best early Black Friday deals you can take advantage of today

Black Friday is right around the corner. But you don’t have to face the stampede of crazed shoppers to find some great sales.

These early deals help you cash in on the savings and get ahead of the curve to avoid the shopping frenzy while still snagging some great buys.

KitchenAid mixers

These multifunctional mixers can be modded with attachments and save you time while cooking and baking. And KitchenAid models are typically hard to find at discount prices, so this is your chance.

Echo Dot fifth generation

Alexa can help you run your home more efficiently and offer convenience. The Echo Dot fifth generation is cheaper than ever to get started. Even for Amazon and its usual Echo device sales, this is a steal.

Anker RoboVac

It’s time to stop shoving the vacuum around. Anker’s solution is cheaper than other robot vacuums and lets you set it and forget it. Say hello to cleaner floors without saying goodbye to your Black Friday budget.

Ring video doorbell

Smart doorbell integration is one of the most convenient additions to any smart home, and Ring makes it simple. Thanks to Black Friday, it’s also one of the cheapest additions you’ll make to your home this year.

75-inch Omni Amazon Fire TV

Let’s be honest: the TV in your living room is nowhere near as big as it could be. Now’s your chance to explore every cinematic universe you love without compromising size. This 75-inch Omni Amazon Fire TV would make anyone happy.

Kindle Paperwhite

Reading eBooks on your phone is taxing. Kindle’s Paperwhite is easy on your eyes, has a battery that feels like it lasts forever and provides a distraction-free way to read. Oh, and it’s about as inexpensive right now as you’ll ever see it.

WIZ LED Wi-FI lightbulbs

Your smart home isn’t really where it needs to be unless you have Wi-Fi light bulbs! Find out how convenient your home can be and save energy simultaneously with complete control from the app.

Amazon Fire 10 HD tablet

Amazon Fire tablets may not get the hype as its competition, but they can fill every entertainment-based need. From mobile gaming to watching YouTube and Netflix on the go.

Vizio Home Theater soundbar

You have a great TV, but those speakers that shoot sound at the wall don’t do it any justice. It’s time to start hearing every pin drop in each movie you watch.

ION portable Bluetooth speaker

Whether outdoors or in the kitchen while preparing Christmas cookies, ION’s speaker will keep sound bouncing around wherever you are. It’s the perfect addition to any home.

Tineco Smart Stick

Okay, so that robot vacuum earlier isn’t what you’re looking for. Time for Tineco and its stick vacuum solution. Quick to deploy, super lightweight and gets the job done (and then some).

Samsung SSD

Solid state is the best way to access your data quickly. This external SSD will help you pull up photos, videos and music quicker than any hard drive can.

Bose earbuds

You listen to your favorite tunes, sure, but have you truly experienced music? Bose is the gold standard for audio quality. Now its earbuds are more affordable than ever. Get them while they last.

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