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It’s getting warmer – Spruce up your patio with these 12 awesome products

Now that the weather is a bit more bearable, it’s time to start throwing barbecues and other outdoor parties. But what about your patio?

If your furniture looks old and worn, or if you don’t have any furniture at all, it’s time to spruce up your outdoor spaces.

Here are 12 great products that can change the look and feel of your front and back patios, balconies or garage.

1. Class up your patio

2. Perfect for parties

3. Protect yourself from sunburns

4. Create the perfect ambiance

5. Grill in style

6. For the perfect evening

7. Great for those cold nights

8. Add some green

9. Small but mighty

10. Gorgeous walkways

11. Smarten up your patios

12. Keep your drinks nice and cold

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