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10 must-have products under $10

We’re living in strange times. Not only are many of us working from home right now, but a lot of kids are doing their schoolwork from home, too.

The overlapping of school, work and home life can make it tough to get organized. Most of us have notebooks, pens, schoolbooks, office supplies and computers or tablets strewn across our homes as we try to navigate life during a pandemic. Working from home? Tap or click here for tips for managing remote employees.

When you add routine daily chores, it is a recipe for disaster. If you’re struggling to find ways to make your life easier, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-cost gadgets that can help. From handy laptop camera covers to new measuring cups, these 10 low-cost items will make life a little easier right now.

1. Stop wondering if your laptop’s webcam could be used to spy on you with these covers

2. Add some light to darker areas of your house and pick your own color

3. Stop trying to awkwardly read the side of a measuring cup when you can see levels by looking inside

4. Adds organization to your desk or nightstand and always keeps your screen in view

5. Perfect for those surfaces that aren’t exactly conducive to using your mouse and comes with a non-slip rubber base

6. Stop juggling multiple remotes for your TV, soundbar and streaming device

7. Finally organize all the bins in your storage room

8. No light built into that e-reader? No problem

9. A simple way to know the status of what’s in the dishwasher

10. Got a few things to plug in and only two outlets? Add this for a cleaner look than a typical surge protector

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