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10 must-have products under $10

We’re living in strange times. Not only are many of us working from home right now, but a lot of kids are doing their schoolwork from home, too.

The overlapping of school, work and home life can make it tough to get organized. Most of us have notebooks, pens, schoolbooks, office supplies and computers or tablets strewn across our homes as we try to navigate life during a pandemic. Working from home? Tap or click here for tips for managing remote employees.

When you add routine daily chores, it is a recipe for disaster. If you’re struggling to find ways to make your life easier, you aren’t alone. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-cost gadgets that can help. From handy laptop camera covers to new measuring cups, these 10 low-cost items will make life a little easier right now.

1. Stop wondering if your laptop’s webcam could be used to spy on you with these covers

The webcam on your computer is pretty useful when you're working from home, but it can also be a source of paranoia. If you've been wondering if someone is spying on you via your webcam, this CloudValley Webcam Cover Slide (2-Pack) can help. It adheres to your computer screen to cover your camera when it's not in use. When you need to make a video call, you just slide it open.

You won't even know it's there. This tiny cover works with a ton of different laptops, PCs and even your phone camera. For less than $7, it's worth the cost for some peace of mind.

Promising review: "I work at an organization that uses a lot of conference lines with external clients and having this manual option to prevent others from seeing my video is such a nice piece of mind. It doesn't block the lens when opened and is super easy to apply. I also love that it is super discreet, and doesn't prevent my laptop from closing properly."

2. Add some light to darker areas of your house and pick your own color

If you have some dark spots you want to brighten up in your home, this GE Color-Changing LED Night Light (2-Pack) will do the trick. The night light automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn, reducing energy consumption while saving you time and money.

You can customize it, too. There are a ton of different modes, including a solid-color mode that lets you choose your favorite of the eight available colors. You can also use the color-changing modem, which automatically cycles through the available colors, or the soft-white mode, which lets you opt for a more traditional night light.

Promising review: "Very cool night light that can either change colors or be one solid color. It’s bright enough to see with the Dark colors and the bright colors really add plenty of light."

3. Stop trying to awkwardly read the side of a measuring cup when you can see levels by looking inside

When is the last time you replaced your measuring cups? These OXO Good Grips 2-Cup Angled Measuring Cup are an inexpensive way to do that. They'll be a lot easier to read than those old, worn-out cups with faded measurements that you've been using.

The angled surface lets you read measurements from above so you can be sure you've measured the correct amount of each ingredient. Plus, these measuring cups are dishwasher safe, so you don't have to worry about hand-washing or other tedious care instructions.

Promising review: "Most of the measuring cups in our home are large and very heavy glass. This thing is light as a feather but what surprised me is the plastic holds up to extremely hot water: the handle did not get warm either. I have only had it a short time but it so far it is a great little essential tool for my morning/evening cup of coffee!"

4. Adds organization to your desk or nightstand and always keeps your screen in view

All it takes is one drop for your cell phone's expensive screen to crack or shatter. This Lamicall Cell Phone Stand will keep that from happening. It's made with rubber, non-slip pads to keep your phone steady on your desk or counter, and it's made of aluminum alloy for a nice finish. You can use it while charging your battery, Facetiming friends, watching YouTube or while you're using your phone as a hotspot.

Promising review: "I’ve had this in my wish list and finally decided to purchase. I’m so glad I finally did. I was most surprised by the fact it is made of metal and not plastic. It is sturdy and keeps my phone in easy reach on my desk at work."

5. Perfect for those surfaces that aren’t exactly conducive to using your mouse and comes with a non-slip rubber base

If you're working at a nontraditional spot in your home, you may be struggling with your mouse. This VicTsing Mouse Pad with Stitched Edge can help you out. It's perfect for surfaces you wouldn't normally use a mouse on.

Not only is this mouse pad reinforced with stitching to keep it from wearing, but the dense shading and anti-slip natural rubber pad base can firmly grip the desktop or other surfaces, too. Plus, the premium soft material gives you more comfort and mouse-control. It's great for gaming, working or just surfing the web.

Promising review: "I am not often given to hyperbole, but this is one of the best mouse pads I've ever used at any price, and I've used some high-end, gaming-peripheral-brand gaming mouse pads."

6. Stop juggling multiple remotes for your TV, soundbar and streaming device

Tired of hearing, "Where's the remote?" This GE Universal Remote Control makes it possible to use one remote for all your devices, which means you won't have to keep track of all of those individual remotes anymore. It comes preprogrammed for use with thousands of Samsung TVs and Roku devices.

It also works with up to 4 different audio and video components such as TVs, Blu-Ray/DVD players, cable/satellite receivers, and other streaming media players, sounds bars, and more.

Promising review: "Holy Mother of Pearl this remote is all that my husband and I can talk about since opening it. It made our cumbersome Apple TV into an everyday use item. Plus, this turns the soundbar into our default audio, no more having to play with it every time we turn on the TV."

7. Finally organize all the bins in your storage room

The bins in your storage room could use some new labels, and this DYMO Embossing Label Maker with 3 DYMO Label Tapes can help you get the job done. This little device prints letters, numbers and symbols with an extra degree of comfort and convenience. It doesn't need batteries, and the intuitive turn and click labeling system makes it simple to get organized without complicated label-making.

Promising review: "You could say I'm going Dymo crazy! I had originally decided to get one of these label makers to label my Fujifilm Instax mini pictures, and it works great! I also decided to label a few other things, too."

8. No light built into that e-reader? No problem

Struggling to see the words on your e-reader at night? This Energizer Reading Light Book Clip will help you illuminate the digital pages of your e-reader quickly and easily. All you have to do is clip it onto the side of your device or your book to get plenty of light for reading. Plus, you'll get about 25 hours of run time before having to switch the batteries, so that should be plenty of time to finish a few books.

Promising review: "I love that it is sturdy, but lightweight so that I can use it on paperback books. It stays attached, flexes and brightens the pages well and doesn’t leave any marks on the covers or pages where it is “pinched” closed."

9. A simple way to know the status of what’s in the dishwasher

If you've ever loaded dirty dishes into a dishwasher full of clean dishes, you know how frustrating it can be. You don't have to guess whether the dishes are clean or dirty anymore, though, if you use this Dishwasher Magnet Clean Dirty Sign Indicator. The heavy-duty magnets make it simple to install on your dishwasher, and you just slide the sign from clean to dirty with each load. Super easy.

Promising review: "I live with two boys who hate to put dishes away so they end up just pulling clean dishes out of the dishwasher and I could never really tell if it was a clean or dirty load. I decided to go with the slider option over a double-sided magnet just for ease of use. They are still working on using it every time but so far it's made a difference."

10. Got a few things to plug in and only two outlets? Add this for a cleaner look than a typical surge protector

Need more outlets? Try this Philips 6-Outlet Surge Protector Tap. It gives you access to a ton of outlets, and you won't have to worry about damage from power surges while using it. Just plug it in to add four extra outlets to your plugs.

Promising review: "Great multi-plug!! I needed a multi-plug surge protector for my kitchen and livingroom. I was extremely happy when these arrived! There is plenty of space between the 2 sections of the 3 plug areas and they look great on the wall!"

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