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Climbing Yosemite

I love visiting Yosemite Valley in California. It features beautiful waterfalls, forests and amazing mountains. Seeing the sun rise over Half-Dome is phenomenal. It’s even …
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Yosemite time-lapse

Can’t get enough gorgeous time-lapse photography? Explore one of America’s most beautiful national parks like you’ve never seen it before. The unspoiled majesty of Yosemite …
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Beautiful Yosemite

There are plenty of spectacular places on Earth, and Yosemite National Park in California is high on that list. There’s no substitute for visiting in …
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Stunning waterfall

Decades ago, Yosemite had the Firefall. This was a bonfire pushed over the edge of Glacier Point. That is no longer done. But Yosemite does …
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Adorable baby bear cubs

“I wish I had the video camera!” How many times have you said when you come upon something truly YouTube-worthy? These guys had the goods …