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Protect your files! More flaws found in latest Windows 10 patch

The latest Patch Tuesday update from Microsoft has been identified by security experts to contain a number of zero-day exploits that hackers can easily seize upon. Even worse, it's unlikely Microsoft will have a viable fix within the next few weeks. If you've already taken the plunge and updated, we have all the details on the risks you could face, along with how to protect yourself until Microsoft updates its update.

Windows 10! Is the latest update safe?

When people think of Windows 10, one of the first things that comes to mind is updates. From the moment you activate your operating system, Windows bombards you with update alerts, automatic update windows, and mandatory shutdowns (for updates, of course.) With a new update now available for Windows 10, you might be asking yourself if it's worth taking the plunge and downloading. We'll break down the details for you, and give you our trusted advice on whether you should move on to the latest version of Windows or wait for the next update.

You won't believe the dumb reason that blocks a major Windows 10 update

If you look at the history of Microsoft's attempts at Windows updates, particularly over the past year or so, you'll see it's about as reliable…
Happening Now: Technology April 29, 2019

Windows 10 will now automatically uninstall buggy updates

The last six months have not been great for Windows 10. One issue after another has seemed to plague the operating system. The issues have prompted the company to quietly roll out an update that seems to work somewhat like a fail-safe. This is how Windows is defending itself against its next mistake.
Happening Now: Technology March 12, 2019

Latest Windows 10 update causing major issues

The latest Windows 10 update has continued to be marred with technical issues. Once again, a new issue has come about so before you think about updating your Windows 10 with the latest update, read this. I'll tell you what this issue can do to your computer.
Happening Now: Technology
March 11, 2019
Microsoft's new Office app

Got Microsoft Office? Get this new Windows 10 app for free

More than 1 billion people use Microsoft Office on a regular basis. That means that, love it or hate it, you are probably one of those people. Even with their recent issues, Microsoft Office has come a long way since 1982. Now, it's taking another step forward with the release of the Office app. The best part is, if you are already a user, it's completely free.
Happening Now: Smartphone/Tablets/Computers
December 22, 2018

Latest Windows 10 update is still causing problems

I know I am starting to sound like a broken record at this point, but once again we have to talk about the latest Windows 10 update. Yes, once again it continues to have major bugs. Microsoft had to come out again and announce that more additions and changes will need to be made to the update that's already more than a month old. You won't believe how it's affecting its users now.
Happening Now: Technology
November 27, 2018

Windows 10 October 2018 Update re-released - Should you wait?

I have talked a lot about this new Windows 10 update. Right after it was released, I talked about the first bug that forced Microsoft to roll back the update. Then, after its re-release, there seemed to be a second bug that had them roll back the update once again. Now, they are saying that everything is better and it's time to update. Is this the right time to do this? I'll let you know what to do.
Happening Now: Technology
November 14, 2018

5 free Windows 10 downloads you can't miss!

If you've been using a PC for a while, you probably know that you can add software, like photo editors, graphics programs, productivity apps and much more. What you might not know is that Microsoft also has tons of free software programs. Here, I've rounded up five of my favorites.
Downloads: Desktop Tools
October 18, 2018

Windows 10 flaw could let somebody take over your computer

It's a game of cat and mouse as hackers continuously poke holes in popular software and developers patch them as they come. This is why software companies typically need the help of software bug bounty hunters since it's impossible to catch all the potential flaws and bugs in its products. The worst of these bugs are what are known as "zero-day" bugs. These are previously unknown bugs that hackers are already actively exploiting.
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