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Critical Microsoft and Adobe security holes you need to patch now

Microsoft and Adobe have just released updates you can't afford to miss. A number of these flaws are publicly known and can potentially get your computer taken over by hackers. I'm going to share with you important steps you need to take now to avoid leaving your computer and tablet at risk for hacks.
Happening Now: Security & Privacy November 19, 2017

Urgent! 19 critical Microsoft updates you need to get now!

Another patch has just been issued by Microsoft, and it fixes some critical security problems. One of these issues is already being exploited by hackers! If you don't get this patch now, you're leaving your computer, laptop, phone and tablet vulnerable.
Happening Now: Security & Privacy
July 12, 2017

When should you wipe, shred, delete, erase or reset?

When it comes to computers, the terms wipe, shred, delete and erase are often used as if they're interchangeable - but they shouldn't be, because they're not. And knowing which to use when could save you some major headaches.
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers
October 28, 2016

The Show

September 9, 2013

Best times to buy this Thanksgiving weekend, Shopping scams to avoid and Your Monday Security Tip

Best times to buy this Thanksgiving weekend, Shopping scams to avoid and Your Monday Security Tip. Plus, Tesla shows off new semi-truck, Apple delays new HomePod, Indicators to fight fake news

Tech News Today November 20, 2017

Amazon unveils new touchscreen Echo Show!

Big news from Amazon! The Echo has just received a brand new upgrade, and now includes a two-way video touchscreen. But that's just scratching the surface for what it can do. You have to see all of the Echo's new features!

3 ways to see the screen better on your phone or tablet

We've all been there - squinting at your Android's screen trying to make out what that tiny text says or what that little photo on…
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers August 19, 2015

Android power tips you'll wish you'd known all along

The features and specs keep getting better and better with each new rendition. But how much do you really know about what your phone can do? Don't worry, you don't need to waste time reading through the owner's manual. I've rounded up some of my favorite tips to help you get more from your Android.
Tips: Smartphones
August 28, 2018

Movie and TV fans: Keep a log of what you've seen

Keep track of all the movies and TV shows you've seen, plus where and when you saw them.
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