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The Kim Komando Show® "Win a trip for two to Phoenix to meet Kim" Sweepstakes #62 Official Rules and Regulations The following constitutes the Official…
June 18, 2014

Terms & Conditions

The following rules ("Terms and Conditions") govern the use of the Websites located at, or linked to, the URLs www.komando.com or shop.komando.com and the services,…
July 22, 2013

Facebook fine print you need to know about

When was the last time you read the fine print on anything? If you're using Facebook, you're going to be surprised by what you really signed up for. From deadlines to update your phone number to who owns your photos, you have to see the most shocking Facebook terms and conditions.
Happening Now: Security & Privacy January 21, 2017

Terms of service killed your privacy

Each time you "click here to agree," a piece of your privacy dies. Most of us use smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, Google and dozens of other apps. Each one makes you agree to a contract that you likely didn't read. Do you know what you've given up? Click here to listen to my free Komando on Demand podcast about how our need for convenience is coming at a very high price. Special thanks to Ira Rheingold, Executive Director at the National Association of Consumer

Komando On Demand May 31, 2018

Financial planning for serious investors

Morningstar is geared toward investors with considerable savvy when it comes to investing and saving money. The site provides a slew of information about your…
Info Sniper

Find the geographic location of an IP address

Find your computer's IP address, or find the location of whoever is sending you those annoying phishing emails.

10 terms you need to know before buying a smart TV

You can waste hundreds or thousands of dollars on a TV set if you don't know what you're doing. It's easy to get dizzy reading the specs on the side of a TV box, or on a website. There's 4K, HDTV, LED, smart TVs, bezels, and more. It's almost impossible to figure it out! Good news: I've got 10 tech terms that will help you find a great value on TV sets.
Tips: Home/Lifestyle/Travel April 6, 2017

Yahoo, AOL, and Oath's new massive email privacy policy changes you need to know about

If you’re a Yahoo email user, you were welcomed with a surprising new terms of service agreement when you logged into your account today. Yahoo and AOL have joined forces to form Oath and unify their terms of services. What’s the problem? Well, read closely!! All of the sites owned by Oath will have the right to read or scan your emails, messages, photos, including emails from banking and credit card companies!!
Happening Now: Security & Privacy
April 18, 2018
terms of service

Don't get caught by these ridiculous terms of service

OK, I know you probably don't read the terms of service on the sites you use and the apps you download. You really should. It…

Shocking look at how much of your data companies are sharing

You probably do this all the time. It seems like a simple thing that everyone does so why not? It's mindlessly reading through an online site's terms of service. Those are the excruciatingly long, page-after-page privacy terms that just about everyone scrolls through without reading.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy February 10, 2018
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