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7 Ways to Finally End Robocalls

Thanks in large part to advancing technology, robocalls are easier than ever to make. Here’s the shocker. It’s about to get worse. So how do you shield yourself from these robocall and telemarketing scams? Don't worry, I've got the answer.
Columns: Security
May 20, 2018

Here's how to stop Google from collecting data about you

Does the idea of Google tracking your every move creep you out? One reason Google tracks you is to provide you with targeted ads. This is when ads…
Tips: Computers
October 14, 2016

How to use your smartphone to diagnose bad Wi-Fi

These days, there's nothing more frustrating than a sluggish internet. You work from anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection, whether that's your home office or a coffee shop. Fortunately, you don't need to be stuck with a slow Wi-Fi connection. All you have to do is figure out where Wi-Fi is strongest in your home or wherever you're connecting. It starts, as many things do these days, by taking out your smartphone.
Tips: Smartphones
February 7, 2018

How to control your apps' permissions

Mobile apps are so useful and make our lives easier. Now for all these apps to function, they need a certain level of access to your phone's system called permissions. Unfortunately, sometimes apps ask for more information than they really need. But can you do anything about it?
Tips: Smartphones October 25, 2017

Dangerous Facebook app trolling for superuser access to your device

Here at Komando.com, we constantly remind you about the dangers of downloading and installing apps from unofficial sources. Always get your apps from official sources like Google…

Beam texts and photos from your phone to your desktop

As great as our phones are, the drawback many have is that the screens are just not that big. So while they are fine for making calls, texting, reading social media and performing other tasks, there are many times where we wish we could see everything on a larger screen. While that may not be a practical idea for anyone when they are on the go, it would be ideal for anyone who often uses their phone while at a work desk.
Tips: Computers May 17, 2018
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Your ISP could actually block your HBO app

Find out which company is blocking the HBO app for some of its customers.

New way to give to charity by just taking photos

I have always been a big believer in giving to great causes. But finding the right charity can be tricky. You want to make sure that it's legitimate and your donation will be going exactly where you want it to go. Wouldn't it be nice if a trusted company took all the guesswork out of charitable donations?
Apps: Family/Parenting/Kids November 23, 2017

Netflix caves to AT&T's shady tactics

If you're a Netflix user, there may be some good news for you on the horizon. AT&T and Netflix have signed a deal to decrease…

Everything Google Home will do on one site

How in the world did we manage to survive before the invention of voice-activated virtual assistants? This ground-breaking technology isn't limited to your phone. It's also available through smart speakers in your home. Google's Assistant can be found on Google Home devices as well as Android and Apple smartphones with its app.
Cool Sites: Audio and Music January 16, 2018
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