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Don't fall for these tech support scams

Tech support fraud is surging. The FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) says it received around 11,000 complaints related to tech support fraud in 2017 with claimed losses nearing $15 million. Tech support scams can sneak in under many different guises, from a hijacked computer browser to a phone call or an email.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy July 14, 2018
email scam

#1 scam on the increase

Phone scams are an old but growing threat. Find how to detect and avoid them before it's too late.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy
July 25, 2015
windows tablet

10 great apps for your Windows 10 tablet

Windows 10 supports apps, but what apps are there to get? Here are 10 you'll want to check out.
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers December 18, 2015

Don't buy these gadgets even though they still work

In the tech world, software and hardware companies stop supporting their products after a certain number of years. Unfortunately, many people have no idea planned obsolescence is built in.
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers
October 29, 2016
Tech support

True tales from tech support: The funniest 'issues' ever solved

Technology is complicated and can be confusing even for tech-savvy people. While that often leads to frustrating tech support calls, they can also be hilarious.
Tips: Tips/Tricks/Troubleshooting
September 25, 2017

5 infuriating tech problems, and how to solve them

Do you have an "IT guy" in your life? It could be your son or daughter, or a spouse, friend or other acquaintance. Or it…
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers
December 2, 2016

Watch out for these tech support store scams

Dealing with a malfunctioning computer is extremely frustrating. If something's not working right, you'll probably take your PC to a repair center to get it fixed. But that's not always safe. Right now there are some scary tech support store scams you need to be aware of.
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers
December 3, 2016

Ouch! 8 ways technology is hurting our bodies

You feel a hitch in your thumb, a tingle in your elbow, or a dull thrumming behind your eyes. These symptoms have a lot of possible causes, but maybe it’s time to evaluate the role technology might be playing in your physical ailments. There can be side effects to our addiction to smartphones, video games, televisions, and computer monitors.
Tips: Tips/Tricks/Troubleshooting February 21, 2018

Secure your Wi-Fi connection with this tech support team

Take a moment to think about the various devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi. For most, that includes smartphones, computers, laptops, smart TVs, and even smartwatches and smart home devices. Some of the data we store on these devices can be considered more valuable than the physical items in our homes, and the theft of this data can be devastating.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy August 10, 2018

3 Windows 10 secrets you need to know

These three hidden features of Windows 10 are extremely helpful, and don’t require any external downloads!
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers August 27, 2016
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