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'Why'd You Push That Button' explores our tech choices

In the 21st century, we're still getting used to all the tech around us, and the way it interacts with us immediately and persistently. Here's a podcast that looks at the challenges of the new world of tech, and the choices we all make when we use it.
Podcasts You'll Love: Tech August 2, 2018

'Hidden Brain' explores why people behave the way they do

Some of the best podcasts sound a lot like documentaries. They'll take an issue and let you know as much about it as the format…
Podcasts You'll Love: Science June 24, 2018
armchair expert

Actor digs into being human in 'Armchair Expert'

Many podcasts out there are about how awful people are. More than a few most popular podcasts center on crime or conspiracy or other ways people are the worst. This podcast celebrates how people become better people, through all their challenges and setbacks.

'The Bill Simmons Podcast' is an opinionated sports fan's paradise

There are dozens and dozens of sports podcasts out there. They come at you from all angles, about all sports, and usually with a barely-concealed…
Podcasts You'll Love: Sports June 24, 2018

'Freakonomics' explains the world through economics

One of the best things the best podcasts do is make boring subjects listenable. Most people blanch at the thought of history, or politics, or…
Podcasts You'll Love: Money June 24, 2018
how did this get made

'How Did This Get Made?' is a fun look at bad movies

We've highlighted super-serious podcasts in our new feature, "Podcasts You'll Love." From the anthology podcast¬†"This American Life" to ISIS profile "Caliphate" to true-crime "Serial," these…

Enjoy eye-opening journalism with 'Longform'

Something interesting has been happening online in the past few years. As more and more people are getting used to bite-sized pieces of information, some…

'WorkLife' finds folks that really love what they do

Work occupies a big part of our life. In fact, it takes up more than 90,000 hours, about one-third of your entire existence. So why…
Podcasts You'll Love: Work June 24, 2018

Find out everything about fantasy football to win your league

Want to get involved in your office's fantasy football league? Don't you dare draft without listening to the "NFL Talking Heads Fantasy Football Podcast."
Podcasts You'll Love: Sports August 23, 2018

'The Habitat' imagines an interplanetary trip

Imagine yourself on Mars. What would that be like? What would you do, how would you live? That's the goal behind an experiment taking place…
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