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Top Story: Mobile provider is locking U.S. soldiers out of their phone service

This is shocking. Not only are our military out there away from their families, now they can't even call home! A mobile service provider is locking out some of our troops and veterans from their phones. Why is this happening?
Happening Now: Security & Privacy
August 5, 2016
u.s. military

Our troops could soon carry something incredible in their pockets

A next-generation drone currently in development could fit in a soldier's pocket. The Cargo Pocket Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance drone, or Cargo Pocket ISR, is…
Happening Now: Technology July 25, 2014
U.S.S. Gunston Hall

Sci-fi now real! See amazing new U.S. Navy weapon

You may have heard railguns referenced in science fiction films, but now there's a real one. The Navy and Marine Corps debuted their¬†amazing new weapon…
Happening Now: Technology February 6, 2015

You'll LOVE what this soldier's friends did for him while he was in Afghanistan

It's not just life and limb that the brave men and women of our armed services sacrifice to keep our nation safe. While they're overseas,…
Happening Now: Social Media December 24, 2014
israeli soldiers

You have to see what one brilliant Israeli soldier did to protect his unit

The recent fighting of Israel and Hamas over the Gaza strip has left hundreds of casualties, many of them children, dead or scarred or crippled.…
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Report: ISIS targets troops and families online

Are you familiar with the term "doxing?" It's showing up more and more in the news these days. It's a very harmful hacking practice that…
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UPDATE: Highway patrol stole photos from arrested woman's phone

UPDATE: New evidence has surfaced in the case against CHP Officer Harrington regarding photos taken from a drunk woman while she was in jail. It…
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Even the Pentagon wants 'NSA-proof' phones

Nobody likes being spied on, not even the United States Armed Services it seems. Perhaps that's why it's buying anti-NSA smartphones in bulk, and from…

A Google glitch translated Russia as 'Mordor.' Guess how it translated the foreign minister's name

"I am a jelly doughnut" spoken by former president John F. Kennedy might be one of the most famous mistranslations heard around the world, but…

Support for this Windows version is over

Microsoft has been trying to push customers toward Windows 10 for over a year now. But some customers are still holding onto older versions. If you're running this particular version, your device will no longer get any critical updates. Is it time to finally make the switch?
Happening Now: Technology March 17, 2017
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