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Financial planning for serious investors

Morningstar is geared toward investors with considerable savvy when it comes to investing and saving money. The site provides a slew of information about your…
Info Sniper

Find the geographic location of an IP address

Find your computer's IP address, or find the location of whoever is sending you those annoying phishing emails.

Improve your understanding of the Bible with support materials and sermons

If you regularly read the Bible, you know its messages help shape the person you are. Reading the Bible gives you guidance and comfort, including when you're going through life's toughest moments. But, even frequent readers of the Bible can sometimes feel stumped. Some of the language is complicated. A lot of its meanings are unclear, and many of its passages leave you more confused than before you read them.
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April 1, 2018

Watch the incredible documentary and archival footage dedicated to our Vietnam vets

This documentary is dedicated to our Vietnam veterans who fought during the war and many sacrificed their lives. We appreciate you! Here is how to watch this 10-part, 18-hour heartfelt documentary complete with archival footage.
Cool Sites: Fun/Games/Entertainment September 24, 2017

Set and achieve your New Year's resolutions with this helpful site

Sticking to your New Year's resolutions is a challenge each and every year. But I've got a little secret that makes it easy. Want a referee to help you meet your goals? Or how about a support group to encourage you along the way? Use this site to achieve every goal you set.
Cool Sites: Fun/Games/Entertainment December 28, 2016

A place for your dog to vacation

Going on vacation without your pet? This solution is much better than boarding.
Cool Sites: Travel/Food March 10, 2016

Track late package deliveries with this new site

Are you stressing about getting your holiday packages on time? Most of us did a lot of shopping online this holiday season and now we sit...and wait. Sometimes we're so anxious to receive our items that we pay extra for guaranteed speedy delivery. But what if your package is supposed to reach you on a certain day and it doesn't make it?

Find free eBooks online

Want to score some fun books for your summer reading? Look no further than this online library.
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Find the best place to donate your money

Finding organizations that use the money in a truly charitable way can be hard. Click here to see evaluations of your favorite charitable organizations!

Convert your files to any format with ease

Have you ever received a file and found out that none of your installed programs can open it? Not every computer has the same programs, program versions or even the same fonts. And what looks fine on your computer might look terrible, or not even open at all, on someone else's system.
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