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Robots in NYC

Like a scene from a movie, robots are taking to the streets in Manhattan to help police catch criminals. Is “Robocop” actually becoming a reality? …
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Robotic cheetah

DARPA’s four-legged Cheetah robot can run at an incredible 18 mph. That breaks the previous robot land-speed record of 13 mph. Watch this impressive mechanical …
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Incredible warehouse robots

Ever wonder how some online retailers seem to ship products at light speed? These amazing robots help warehouse employees pack up to 250 packages an …
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Robotic seeing-eye dog

Japanese inventors are hard at work on a robot that could someday fill in as an indispensible guide dog. Can a robotic dog really lead …
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Now the robots can jump

I’ve shown you videos of this incredible cheetah robot from MIT. It’s nimble and fast, and now it can jump over obstacles. Now when the …
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Robot cat

Good luck getting this robot to follow commands! If the brain is anything like the body, this robot cat is in for a long day …
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World’s first robotic woman

In this vintage 1968 video, Miss Honeywell was touted as the world’s first robotic woman – the human-tronic saleswoman of tomorrow. She wasn’t fooling anybody …
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A robot with rhythm

You know how drummers are always tapping on things? This robot is the same way. It cruises the house looking for drumming surfaces. You have …
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Should robots have rights?

As artificial intelligence and machine learning technology advances, this is a question we may need to consider. How would giving robots rights affect us? And …
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Robotic future of farming

Since tribes first used tools to till the earth, farming has always been about producing more and better food for growing populations. Now, a complete …
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Robots play catch

These robots created by German scientists aren’t going to threaten Derek Jeter’s job, but they play a pretty mean game of catch. Was that a …
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A robot therapist?

Would you tell this robot therapist your deepest, darkest secrets? It probably already knows! Click here now to see the incredible computer psychologist!

The ‘soft’ robotic revolution

Ever hear of “soft robotics?” If you’ve seen Disney’s “Big Hero 6” and have fallen in love with the adorable robot Baymax, you already know. …
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The $4,000 robotic desk

This is the desk that Apple or Samsung would have designed. It has touchpads, secret cable containers, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi built-in. This is the smart …
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Robotic lightsaber dance

The force is strong with this one! These robot arms perform an awesome synchronized dance with lightsabers. Perhaps they could give Luke Skywalker a hand?
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Giant creepy-crawly robots

Scared of snakes or spiders? This video may not be for you. Canada’s eatART foundation created two large robots, Titanoboa and Mondo Spider, to increase …