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AT&T helps NSA spy on Americans

Surveillance cameras seem to be popping up everywhere these days. People use them to protect their homes. Police departments across the U.S. use them to…

How you can get compensated for flight delays

If you have never sat around in an airport and waited while your flight was delayed, you've never flown before. Or, maybe only flown once or twice. Because as anyone with any extensive travel experience can tell you, delays are as much a part of the experience as salty peanuts. We may like the peanuts significantly more, but both are something we are used to having. Did you know the suffering caused by having to sit around and wait could actually be worth more than a headache? Turns out we could all be entitled to some financial compensation.

Fisherman's freaky catch is becoming an internet sensation

If there is one thing everyone on the internet can generally agree on it's that you can find anything on the internet. Really, any question…

Test your smarts; Can you pass a Mensa intelligence test?

So you fancy yourself to be pretty smart, eh? You know a lot about a lot, and feel like you are the most intelligent person…

It's insane how much money big companies make per second

Could you imagine making a dollar per second? That would be $60 per minute or $86,000 every day. It would be nice! But guess how much the biggest companies in America make.
Happening Now: Money December 24, 2017

Amazon delivery late? Use this to request compensation

With the holiday shopping season in full gear, shipping services will likely be slammed with increased volumes of packages making their way across the country. This certainly leads to inevitable transit and delivery delays. So what if your Amazon Prime delivery doesn't get to you on its guaranteed delivery date?
Tips: Tips/Tricks/Troubleshooting December 22, 2017

The NSA can’t keep a secret! Why the agency is a joke to hackers

The NSA is one of the most powerful counter intelligence agencies in the world. With an annual budget ranging from $10 billion to $30 billion, Americans count on them to conduct some of the nation's most top secret cybersecurity initiatives. So why then are hackers mocking the agency after its most calamitous new breach? Can America still rely on our top secret security agencies?
Happening Now: Security & Privacy November 15, 2017

Bumped from a flight? Now you can use your phone to bid on compensation

Have you ever been at the airport waiting to fly out, only to find that you've been bumped from the flight? This can cost you both time and money. Plus, you feel helpless and the airlines expect you to just deal with it. Don't worry, I have good news. A major U.S. airline is rolling out a new feature making it easier for you to get compensated for your trouble.

How to manage all your streaming services without going insane

Streaming video promised us a revolution of convenience and freedom from the burden of cable subscriptions. But, there's a downside. Now we have a bewildering array of streaming services to contend with. How can you keep track of them all?

How the NSA 'leaker' was tracked down using a printer

Every time you print a document, did you know it could be traced back to you? These secret markings were recently used to track down a suspected criminal, and the vast majority of people don't even know they're hiding in the document. Do you really want these markings to be used to track you?
Happening Now: Security & Privacy
June 7, 2017
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