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3 secrets about email marketing and sending out your own newsletters

Have you considered using email to market your small business? Smart Insights reveals that email campaigns get 50 to 100 times more clicks than Facebook and Twitter. Here are three secrets about email marketing and sending your own newsletters.
Small Business: Raising Money August 27, 2017
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Best free software to save your business money

You're already spending several thousand dollars or more to get your small business off the ground, or maybe keep it afloat. My guess is that a fair chunk of that change is going toward tech products and services. On top of that, you need mission-critical software. Unfortunately, programs like Microsoft Office and QuickBooks can be bank-account breakers. Keep reading to find one that's free.

3 security mistakes you shouldn't let your small business make

The phrase any business owner dreads hearing most is, "data breach." It means you failed to protect your customers' information, and could lose the trust of your clients. Big companies can survive this PR nightmare, but most small businesses often can't. How can smaller companies hope to stay safe? Avoiding these basic mistakes will minimize the risks significantly.
Small Business: Security July 13, 2017