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Test shows you how many times your personal info was exposed

Now there's a quick test online that will take a few seconds, but can tell you exactly how many times your personal information has been exposed to vicious hackers. Click here to check it out!
Preparedness: Cyberattack August 9, 2017

Mac malware skyrockets by 744 percent

Mac and iOS users can no longer enjoy the assumption that Apple products are invulnerable to the latest cyberthreats. Viruses targeting Apple devices have surged in the past year. If you've been putting off protective measures, it's time to buckle down! You must follow these steps to ensure your Mac isn't hit by hacks and infections.
Preparedness: Cyberattack March 24, 2017

How Google's Trusted Contacts can help you in an emergency

A massive storm has arrived. There’s a power outage. Your teenager is off somewhere with friends and you’re worried. You check your smartphone, open Google’s Trusted Contacts app, and request your teen’s location. This information can put your mind at ease, and help you connect with your loved ones during an emergency. Are you using it like you should be?

One surprising app that can save you from a roadside emergency

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire or engine problems? If you don't have roadside assistance or a friend nearby, you can really find yourself in a predicament. That's why you need to download this app right now. It can save you in a pinch, and even help you out with navigation!

5 apps that can save your life in an emergency

We can't help it, we feel like danger can be lurking everywhere. Walking down the street, getting into your car in a parking lot, even at home. In emergencies like these or on occasions where you just feel uneasy and insecure, did you know that there's a distress signal tool at your disposal at all times? Get these emergency apps so you can have peace of mind.