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Keep your address book up to date and make custom holiday cards

Even though traditional mail is sadly going the way of the buffalo, everyone loves getting Christmas cards. There's just something about them that makes the…

Movie and TV fans: Keep a log of what you've seen

Keep track of all the movies and TV shows you've seen, plus where and when you saw them.

Binge watchers: Find out how long your show will take to finish

When it comes to a TV series, or perhaps a series of movies you are looking at binging, adding up the lengths for multiple episodes or sequels can be tedious and inefficient. Fortunately there is a website that does it for us, making it all so very easy.
Cool Sites: Music/Photo/Video July 15, 2018

Soothing and creative way to show off artistic talent

Anyone who has ever been on the internet knows it offers plenty of ways to waste time. Every site seems to have some kind of rabbit hole to go down, and before you know it, the concept of time goes even further out the window with every click. But every now and then a time waster comes along that is so different, so cool, that it would almost be wrong not to play around with it.

Interactive map shows you something surprising

Two-dimensional maps distort the real sizes of countries on the globe. This Cool Site shows you the true sizes of countries relative to one another.

When nothing's on TV this site will save you!

Tired of flipping through hundreds of different channels to finally find something to watch? With today's cool site, you can easily get recommendations for awesome movies that are available on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu or HBO.
Cool Sites: Fun/Games/Entertainment
May 27, 2018

Watch 40,000 TV shows and movies for free

Everyone loves watching movies. You probably use online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Video. Or, maybe you're a big TV fan. No matter your preference, this site is for you! It has 40,000 movies and TV shows that you can watch online or on a streaming media player. And, the best part is, it's free!
Cool Sites: Fun/Games/Entertainment
February 2, 2018

Cool interactive map shows you the history of the continents

There are plenty of maps out there that show what the Earth looked like then, but here's one we found that's really amazing to look at, because it's 3-D and interactive.
TV Streaming

Best streaming services to get the movie or TV show you want

With all the video streaming options out there, are you struggling to find all the worthwhile content you want to watch? If you want to keep up with all your favorite movies and TV shows as they come and go in every streaming service out there, here's a cool site we found just for you!

More than 500 old-time radio Christmas shows to listen to

When you think of Christmas classics, you probably think about "It's a Wonderful Life," "The Grinch" or "A Christmas Story." But before TVs were commonplace, families of all sorts would gather around the radio and listen to stories read by the stars of the era. You have to see this internet archive of the best classic radio programs the whole family will love.
Cool Sites: Fun/Games/Entertainment
December 21, 2016
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