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9 amusing gadgets that will make you say, 'I want that'

Here are 9 must-have gadgets that are will make you say, 'I want that'
Tips: Shopping April 1, 2016

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You've made your list, and checked it twice. But I've got some last-minute holiday gift ideas you might have overlooked. Stun the whole family with the best tech gifts available. Hurry! You'll need to order them fast if you want to get them in time for Christmas!

BankRate's Money Markets Account & Savings Rate Table

Looking to see if your investments are accruing like they should? Well look no further, because BankRate's table will give you a zero-effort look into…
December 12, 2014

BankRate's Credit Card Payoff Calculator

This credit card payoff calculator
December 12, 2014

BankRate's Simple Savings Calculator

How much money is a savings account actually going to earn? Whether you want to get the brass tacks behind a savings account or teach…
December 12, 2014

Investment calculator

How much money are your investments accruing? Will you have enough money to do what you want when you're ready to cash in? BankRate's calculator…
December 12, 2014

Daily Quiz: Do you know how computers really work?

Think you know how computers work? Test your knowledge of top tech terms with today's fun quiz! There are 21 questions testing your knowledge of what…
Happening Now March 18, 2014

BankRate's Insurance Rates Comparison Tool

Your insurance should work for you. If you haven't looked into insurance costs recently, then it's time to get back on that horse Are you…
December 12, 2014

BankRate's Annuity Calculator

Are you ready for retirement? It might be time to see how the annuity you bought years ago will pay out. This calculator is a…
December 12, 2014

BankRate's Certificate of Deposit Rate Table

If you were to deposit a hefty chunk of change into a financial institution right now, what could you expect in a year or so?…
December 12, 2014
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