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Customize your iPhone with these 10 awesome tweaks

If you're rocking an iPhone, you've probably noticed most models have looked pretty much the same from year to year. If you're someone who likes to stand out, you may be wondering about ways to make the typically uniform smartphone look more like your own. Check out these 10 awesome ways you can customize your iPhone to your liking. Not only will they help your iPhone look better but it will function better, too.
Tips: Smartphones
July 31, 2019

Black Friday 2017: The deals we know about so far

It's that time of year and one of my favorite games is to prognosticate Black Friday deals. Just remember: "Black Friday" is shorthand for Cyber Monday because face it, there are so many deals to be had even though the experience may be different. The future is always hazy, but I've been listening to leaks and rumors for the past few months, and know about some deals I'd like to share with you.
Tips: Home/Lifestyle/Travel October 12, 2017

10 things you need to know about the new Apple iPhones, Watch, TV and more

Apple just announced its brand new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models. And, let’s not forget about the Apple Watch and TV. If you missed all the action, I’ve got you covered. Here are the 10 biggest things you need to know about Apple’s 2017 product lineup.
Tips: Smartphones
September 12, 2017

Apple product launch 2017: What you can expect on September 12

Next Tuesday, Apple will make its big product announcement. The highly anticipated launch has been accompanied by a torrent of rumors and speculation. That’s why I’m here to tell you just what you should expect from the event and which products everyone will be talking about.
Tips: Smartphones September 11, 2017
New iPhone & iPad | Komando.com

All the details on Apple's new iPhone and iPad

Apple has release a new iPad and iPhone. Find out what's new and when you can get them for yourself.
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers
March 23, 2017

iPhone 8 rumors run both wild and sensible

Rumors are already flying about Apple's plans for the iPhone 8. Some may come true. Some may be way off base, but it’s fun to imagine the possibilities. The iPhone 8 could end up being a very different beast from its brethren. Here are the most intriguing whispers surrounding the upcoming smartphone.
Tips: Shopping March 15, 2017

Best time to buy Apple or Samsung phones

Prices for the latest and greatest gadgets are skyrocketing. Since Apple and Samsung make some of the best devices, they're always in demand. Sometimes, finding good deals on the tech gadgets that we desire is an art form.
Tips: Smartphones May 14, 2018

Everything you should know about Apple's SE2

Apple has a way of leaking specs and photos of upcoming iPhones months before they hit store shelves, or at least Apple fuels the flames of the rumor mill. Speculation over the iPhone SE 2 has been wild and fiery for the past few weeks.
Tips: Smartphones April 30, 2018

Spruce up your Apple devices with these awesome accessories

When everything looks the same, things get boring fast. Our gadgets are some of the biggest culprits. Sure, there are different colors and screen sizes for smartphones and tablets, but most of us are staring at devices that look similar to all the others. There's no reason to follow the crowd! Here are three ways to add some life to your Apple gadget.

5 infuriating tech problems, and how to solve them

Do you have an "IT guy" in your life? It could be your son or daughter, or a spouse, friend or other acquaintance. Or it…
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers
December 2, 2016