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windows 7

A powerful tool to maintain Windows 7

Tweak and maintain Windows 7 with this multifunctional program.
Downloads: Desktop Tools
September 16, 2015
Windows 7 games for Windows 10

Play Windows 7 games on Windows 10

Play classic PC games for Windows 7 on Windows 10 computers.
Downloads: Music/Videos January 23, 2016

Easily open compressed files

Quickly and easily open compressed files.
Downloads: Desktop Tools November 24, 2015
ebook online dating on the cover of an ereader

7 eBooks you need to download right now

Looking for some easy reads that will also help you live a better digital life? Kim and her team have collected some of their best-performing eBooks for you to download. You'll find eBooks for online dating, Windows users, using an Amazon Echo, converting your home to a smart home and starting your own blog. These are must-reads for living a better digital life!
PC folders

Organize Windows folders into a neat stack

Finding documents and photos on your computer's desktop can be maddening. They're never where you thought you'd saved them. But with this trick, you'll never waste time hunting for the files you need again.
Downloads: Desktop Tools
August 9, 2016
Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector

Best free Wi-Fi network finder

Have you ever struggled to find a strong Wi-Fi signal? Wi-Fi Inspector can help.
Downloads: Web/Email September 8, 2015

Best free registry cleaner for Windows

Despite being made of metal and minerals, a computer is a complex system that works much like a living thing. And just like a living organism, its intricate parts can wear down, fail, or become swamped with waste products that can cause a computer to run slow or perform poorly. That's where registry cleaners come in! They scan and clean away these leftover files, programs, and processes to bring your computer back to fighting shape! If you're looking for the best free registry cleaner for Windows, we've found one that will shape your computer up in no time at all.
Downloads: Desktop Tools July 16, 2019
file, folder, zip, compress

Save drive space and easily open zipped files

Save drive space and open zipped files easily with this free download.
Downloads: Security April 1, 2015

Turn Adobe Flash off when you don't need it

Turn Adobe Flash off when you don't need it. Turn it back on with one click when you do.
Downloads: Security November 11, 2015

Fastest way to save text message conversations

Preserving text messages can be tricky. You can create screenshots, but if we're talking about a text conversation with hundreds of messages then forget about it. There are tons of so-called text exporters too, but some are misleading. Luckily, I've found a few programs that make it easy.
Downloads: Desktop Tools January 20, 2017
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