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High-end smartphone comparison chart

Interested in details on which smartphones are considered high-end? Take a look at my detailed comparison chart.
Charts: Phones October 1, 2018
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Mid-level smartphone comparison chart

Get a detailed overview of mid-level smartphones with my comparison chart - including the iPhone, Galaxy, Nokia and Nexus.
Charts: Phones October 1, 2014

New 2018 iPhones compared

Apple's three new iPhones -- the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR -- are all mostly an upgrade from the iPhone…
Charts: Phones September 19, 2018

Tablet Comparison Chart - XL Tablets

Looking to buy an extra-large tablet? Compare the best models on the market - including the latest Apple, Google and Microsoft models.
Charts: Tablets November 9, 2015

Projector Comparison Chart

Buying a projector for your home theater or for business presentations? Find the projector that's the best fit for you with my detailed comparison chart.
Charts: Projectors September 8, 2015