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More and more doctors share patients' info online

Plenty of professionals use Facebook to vent about their job. But what happens when your job is treating people's private illnesses? Would you be surprised…
Happening Now January 16, 2014

The end of paying for music? Spotify has no more limits

Have you discovered Spotify yet? It's a popular Web service that lets you listen to more than 20 million songs online or on your smartphone…
Happening Now January 16, 2014
Info Sniper

Find the geographic location of an IP address

Find your computer's IP address, or find the location of whoever is sending you those annoying phishing emails.
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Facebook security bug leaked private pictures

A server-side bug that Facebook just fixed meant that enabling the¬†Photo Sync feature would let any app with access to your phone's photos see every…
Happening Now: Social Media March 20, 2015

You weren't hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army, but six news sites were

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) is at it again. The hacker group started with the The New York Times,¬†Reuters, and now add six more international…
Happening Now: Security & Privacy December 1, 2014

Play and win your state's lottery

Today's a great day to win the lottery. In fact, every day is a great day to win the lottery. But, you can't win if…
Apps: Going Out and Entertainment September 22, 2016

When does it end? MORE Samsung products exploding

Samsung is really in hot water. The company has been dealing with exploding smartphones since August, and now reports are popping up of another product with problems. This time, it's an appliance. Is this faulty product in your home?
Happening Now: General Interest September 29, 2016

Great big list of birthday freebies you can get on your special day!

Your birthday only happens once a year - that's why you have to make the most of it! When it rolls around, it's time to celebrate. What better way to spend the day than to treat yourself to free meals, drinks and desserts from your favorite restaurants. I'll bet you never knew these places offered birthday freebies!
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Get hot cash for your old Apple gadgets

With the release of the latest gadgets from Apple, many fans are flocking to their local cell carriers to get their hands on the iPhone…
Happening Now: General Interest September 12, 2014

5 health tests you can take online

Let's face it. Improving your health isn't only about exercising more often. Keeping up with your regular check-ins should also be a part of your goal. With the help of the internet, you can quickly gauge the status of your health. Here's a list of five sites that can help you test for your heart, your eyes and your overall health.
Cool Sites: Health/Fitness/Medical
April 13, 2018
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