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Windows 8 Preview

Microsoft’s long-awaited new operating system is going to completely revolutionize Windows! But is it any good? Watch my Windows 8 preview video for the inside …
September 26, 2012
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A Windows 8 tablet

Windows 8 is promising to change the tablet game. This ASUS tablet finally shows what the operating system will look like on tablets. Do you …
June 5, 2012
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3 Windows 10 privacy gotchas

Windows 10 is powerful, feature-packed, and free for most users. It sounds too good to be true, and it is. There are three ways Windows …
August 26, 2015
DIY & how-to

5 Windows folder secrets

If you have photographs, videos, documents and PDFs saved to your computer, and who doesn’t, you have folders. Unfortunately, in no time you go from …
March 21, 2016
DIY & how-to

3 most helpful Windows 10 tweaks

Getting your computer’s settings just right takes some time. Fortunately we’re here to help you recover some of that time. In this Flash Tip, …
March 3, 2016
DIY & how-to

3 fun apps for Windows 10

The only thing better than spending time on the Internet, whether it’s for fun or work, is getting lost in all it has to offer. …
March 18, 2016
DIY & how-to

Grab these free Windows Essentials

Microsoft’s operating system Windows comes with good, basic software that can get you started using your computer. Windows 10 has the Web browser Edge, for …
April 1, 2016
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Homebrew automated windows

Having a train pass by your house is very distracting. Closing the windows helps, but you don’t want to be opening and closing windows all …
September 28, 2011
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Windows 8 confounds new user

This video of an average computer user trying Windows 8 for the first time is almost agonizing. Microsoft really should bring back the Windows Start …
March 12, 2012
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Amazing fake windows

What do you see outside your bedroom window? It’s probably your yard. What if the view could be anything you wanted? You could pick a …
April 28, 2010