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Creepy facial recognition technology coming to an airport near YOU

You've probably heard before just how scary China's mass surveillance program is. Things like the Chinese government's social credit card system, and how they control public behavior with over 300 million surveillance cameras powered by artificial intelligence (AI) all across the country. Would you believe me if I told you some Chinese surveillance techniques are actually coming to America? It's true. Creepy facial recognition technology will be showing up at airports all across the U.S. soon.

Wearable technology: Fair-weather fans will love NBA smart jerseys

Smart devices are becoming commonplace. We see smart watches, smart TVs, smartphones (obviously), and so many examples that listing them could take some time. Well, now the NBA has gotten into the "smart" game with its latest demonstration of what they are calling a "smart" jersey. What this thing can do will blow you away.
Happening Now: Technology February 18, 2019

How technology will tell you who's who during the Royal Wedding

We're going to go out on a limb and assume you were not invited to the Royal Wedding. Don't feel bad, we weren't either. But…

iPhone 8 will have facial recognition features you won't believe

I've told you that facial recognition would be a big thing in upcoming technology. But the iPhone 8 will likely use it for more than just basic security. Can you imagine turning off notifications by just giving your phone a stare? That's just one thing that could be possible. Here's what else Apple's planning for facial recognition.

Galaxy S8's facial recognition sensor fails in major way

Forget fingerprints! Facial recognition is the next big thing when it comes to protecting your devices. So far, Samsung's new Galaxy S8 is the only smartphone that has introduced this technology. There's just one major problem: Hackers can easily use it to bypass the lockscreen.
FBI Facial Recognition Program Under The Microscope | Komando.com

FBI’s facial recognition database has half of all U.S. adults on file

The FBI's facial recognition database is so massive, it will shock you. And it may not be as accurate as you think. Now, the U.S. Congress is attacking the FBI over these practices. Is your privacy being invaded, and what are the consequences?

New ATM security technology already prone to hacks

As crooks have become increasingly more savvy, banks have hunted for new ways to combat card skimmers. But now, even the newest security measures are showing signs that they're vulnerable to hacks. You thought you were safe? Think again. This time, protecting yourself won't be as simple as changing your password.
Happening Now: Money September 29, 2016

Is YOUR picture in the FBI's facial recognition database?

The FBI's facial recognition database is so massive, it will shock you. And it may not be as accurate as you think. That means authorities could mistake you for the criminal they're really after. Find out if your privacy is being invaded, and what the consequences are.
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Guess which major retailer used facial recognition on you

Do you remember that scene in the movie "Minority Report" when Tom Cruise's character is in the mall, and stores identify him and show him personalized ads?…
Happening Now: Security & Privacy November 12, 2015
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Will Facebook pay dearly in this facial recognition privacy lawsuit?

A class action lawsuit is going after Facebook's facial recognition.
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