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Data disaster! How to save lost files from a failing hard drive

Many of us have some of our most important information on our computers. And If you have ever had a computer crash, you know it can be extremely frustrating. You can lose all your data. If you don't back it up, it will be gone forever. Good thing I have the perfect solution so this will never happen to you.
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers December 21, 2018

Latest extortion email threatens you with a hit man

Oh, these email extortion scammers think they're so clever, don't they? This latest one is a familiar spin on an old trick, and it even has a little twist if you pay in full. We know Komando readers are way too smart to fall for this, but it's a good reminder of how to recognize bogus email scams. This one is unbelievable.
Happening Now: Security & Privacy December 18, 2018

5 free Windows 10 downloads you can't miss!

If you've been using a PC for a while, you probably know that you can add software, like photo editors, graphics programs, productivity apps and much more. What you might not know is that Microsoft also has tons of free software programs. Here, I've rounded up five of my favorites.
Downloads: Desktop Tools
October 18, 2018

Windows users! These tricky scams are spreading

With the countless number of cybercriminals in the world, it's a good idea to stay informed of the latest attacks. As they say, knowledge is…

How emotions make you easy prey for scammers

Scammers have a new secret weapon. With it, they can break through even the toughest firewall. It doesn’t matter how good your internet security is. It goes far beyond that. I’m talking about Social Engineering using emotional and psychological tactics to get your money. It’s a game of chess, well-planned and executed by criminal minds that are three steps ahead of you at all times.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy January 19, 2018

Fight back: How to report an internet scam

Identity theft. Phishing scam. Spam. Malware. Sometimes the internet feels like the Wild West where you need to be ever vigilant about the world around you. We hear horror stories of internet fraud, as criminals come up with new and clever ways to steal your money.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy October 19, 2017

FBI issues warning of W-2 email phishing scam

More than 200 businesses, public schools, universities and nonprofits have been victimized by a new W-2 scam spreading now. The more companies that are duped, the more employees have their data stolen. Could your personal information get caught up in the mix?

Save BIG on Back to School gear with this insider trick

Summer is drawing to a close, which can only mean one thing: It's time to take your kids and grandkids to the nearest shopping center to stock up on school supplies. But did you know there's a special "tax holiday" for Back to School shopping? Read this, and I'll tell you all about this little-known secret.
Tips: Shopping August 17, 2017

What parents should know about the real risks of smart toys

Toys have changed a lot in modern times. Kids are now playing with internet-connected devices, recording audio and capturing video. Some toy makers request that parents and kids sign up for accounts by giving personal information ranging from names to birth dates. But are these gadgets actually safe? You'll be shocked by the answer.
Tips: Money Making and Saving August 16, 2017

5 frightening phishing scams to watch out for

Phishing scams have been running rampant in recent weeks, all too often taking hundreds of thousands of innocent victims to the cleaners and leaving them red-faced and with little to no money left in the bank. In order to stay protected from these seriously scary scams, you need to know what to look for.
Tips: Tips/Tricks/Troubleshooting
June 3, 2017
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