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How to block potentially harmful programs with Windows Defender Antivirus

The digital world can be a scary place. There are cybercriminals from every corner of the world looking to steal our credentials, rip us off,…
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy August 20, 2018

You're missing out on what Google can really do

What does Google mean to you? Maybe it’s just how you search the internet. Maybe Google Docs is your main word processing program. Maybe it’s your email provider. That’s as far as many people go with Google, but the company offers way more than that.
Tips: Laptops/Tablets/Computers
August 18, 2018

3 easy ways to keep your home safe

The facts are chilling! Burglars ransack homes every 15 seconds on average, according to an explosive report by the Fairfax News. Peace of mind is something you simply must commit to having for your family and you. It's easier and more affordable than you might think to protect your home.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy August 12, 2018
online time

Kim's Opinion: How Big Tech already has what it wants

The goal of Big Tech is easy to understand. Every day, all of us get 24 hours to use in any way that we desire.…
Columns: Computers August 8, 2018

The tech behind this amazing device!

Our sponsor Aftermaster Pro is a groundbreaking audio remastering box that adjusts and enhances your TV's sound in real time while you're watching. Better yet, it can bring out the ever-important dialog front and center without sacrificing the detail, dynamics, and excitement of your favorite programs.
Tips: Home/Lifestyle/Travel August 6, 2018

Safely erase your old flash drive

Ready to get rid of that old flash drive? You might be surprised to learn that simply deleting the existing files doesn't actually delete them, at least not permanently. Those with the right knowledge to do so can recover these deleted files quite easily.

Smart AI air conditioners are here with some gotchas

The connected smart home is fast becoming the norm, wouldn't you agree? Smart gadgets like light bulbs, smart assistant speakers, thermostats, cameras and door locks…
Happening Now: Technology July 30, 2018

July 27, 2018

Miss something on the show? Join my club to listen or watch on your own schedule Look at property lines in Google Earth How to…
Previous Shows July 27, 2018

5 Amazon obscure settings you should change now

The items we buy say a lot about our lifestyles, our finances and our domestic lives. If you have an Amazon account, the amount of data that the retail giant collects is astonishing. With different areas of data collection, if you are trying to maintain some semblance of your privacy, you’ll definitely want to check these five not-so-obvious settings.
Columns: Security
July 21, 2018

You know Mealybug? Their malware operation has evolved, and that's bad news for us

You have probably heard of Mealybug, a hacking outfit that has been around since 2014 and done some pretty significant damage. Maybe you did not…
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