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Comcast working on home health device similar to Amazon Echo

Comcast's new device could monitor your bathroom habits

A major telecom is set to release a new device for your home that tracks a few health vitals, including how often you go to the bathroom. And it's not a company you would expect. Do we really want to share such personal details with companies like this?
Happening Now: Technology May 24, 2019

AT&T victory, Comcast bid means more channels, more devices

With AT&T getting approval to buy Time Warner and Comcast making a serious bid to swipe Fox out from under Disney, the big media firms…
Happening Now June 14, 2018

Comcast leaked names and numbers of customers' routers

The thing about technology is for as great as it can be, there are oh so many ways things that can go wrong. Hardware can…

Comcast boosts internet speeds but not for cord cutters

The more we do online, the faster internet speeds we require. Internet service providers all over are improving their networks and increasing speeds, albeit normally…
Backdoor thief

Comcast's home security system has a serious flaw

A home security system is a good way to keep burglars from stealing your valuables while you're away or threatening your family when you're home.…

Comcast just turned on the first consumer gigabit cable modem in Philadelphia

Although access to faster Internet is just around the corner, it looks like Comcast is flipping on the switch a little bit early. At least,…
Happening Now: Technology December 28, 2015

200,000 Comcast accounts at risk

As we've reported in the past, your Internet service provider has a lot of information about you, including logs of every website you visit. So,…
Happening Now: Security & Privacy November 10, 2015
Comcast data cap

Comcast is forcing data caps on even more customers

If you've ever signed up for a really great deal on a cable TV subscription or a cellphone plan, you've probably been burned by gotchas.…
Happening Now: Security & Privacy November 6, 2015

Comcast wants you to pay it extra to remove your data caps

Remember those old cellphone plans when you never knew how much you'd pay each month? You had no idea how much you'd be charged for…
Happening Now: Security & Privacy September 2, 2015

Comcast makes it ridiculously easy for hackers to access your email

Have you read the bestselling book "The Martian"? There's a movie coming out about it starring Matt Damon. The author of the book just had…
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