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Play dozens of free brainteasers, puzzles and games

Brainteasers are a great way to flex your brain "muscles," and they're also a lot of fun! That's why I know you'll love this site. It has dozens of free puzzles and games you have to try. Especially if you're a teacher, or student at heart!
Cool Sites: Fun/Games/Entertainment September 17, 2017

Brainteaser: Can you spot the umbrella hiding among the ostriches?

This puzzle isn't just for the birds. Take a look at this flock of ostriches, there's something hiding and it doesn't stick out like a sore neck. See if you can spot the hidden umbrella, it's not as easy as you might think.

Take a gamble! Find the white poker chip in this fun brainteaser

Now's the time to throw all of your chips on the table and take a stab at this tricky brainteaser. Somewhere hidden in this sea of colorful poker chips there's a white chip that's hiding. Can you find it?

Brainteaser: How many triangles can you see in this puzzle?

Count them once, then count them twice. Are you sure of your answer? Before you say yes, you might want to give this puzzle another look over. Just when you think you've spotted them all, you'll find another triangle.

Brainteaser: Can you spot the fish in the sea?

While everyone's out enjoying themselves at the beach, there's a lot going on under the surface of the water. This summer-themed brainteaser will keep you entertained as you hunt for the fish amidst seahorses, shrimp, crabs and even starfish. How long will it take you to find it?

Brainteaser: Can you spot what's wrong with this desk?

Just how sharp and observant are you? Somewhere within the clutter on this desk, there's a problem. Can you find it? Here's a clue: Look closely at each of the items. One of them is playing tricks on you.

Brainteaser: Are you visually intellectual?

How perceptive are your eyes? Can you quickly and correctly analyze what you see? This 10-question quiz will reveal just how sharp you are. Take this fun quiz and then share it on social media to challenge your friends!

Brainteaser: Can you spot the sleeping sheep?

A few lambs, but no rams, and lots of fluffy white sheep are grazing in this pasture. But one of them is unlike the others. There are several ebony-colored animals in this photo but the true black sheep of the group is the one that's fast asleep. Can "ewe" find it?

Brainteaser: Can you spot the sleeping baby?

It's true, no one sleeps unless the baby sleeps! But, in this case, the sleeping baby might keep you awake for hours. In this fun brainteaser, your challenge is to find the sleeping baby amid the crowd of toddlers.

Brainteaser: Can you find the sneaky snake?

Here's a fun puzzle you have to try this weekend! This isn't a drawing designed to trick you. Somewhere within this pile of leaves, a snake is hiding. Don't take a wrong step, or you'll be sorry!
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