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Need a new iPhone battery? You have to pay Apple

Apple would rather have you visit the Genius Bar for support than work on your iPhone in your garage. This line of thinking has only grown with time, and a recent update to iOS is the clearest example of the company's anti-DIY stance. Previously, if you installed a third-party battery in your iPhone, your device would alert you that its health cannot be verified. Now, on the latest version of iOS, you'll get the same message with a genuine battery, too!
Third-party iPhone battery overheats and explodes in SUV

iPhone battery explodes, totally destroys Mom's car

While the capacity for lithium-ion batteries continues to increase, they still pose a risk of catching fire or even worse - exploding. That's what happened recently when an iPhone exploded inside an SUV, causing extensive damage.

Apple lied about battery life, here’s what you need to know

We want to make smart choices when buying smartphones, so we rely on manufacturers like Apple to provide accurate readings on battery life and longevity. As it turns out, Apple might not be the most honest broker when it comes to measuring our phones' lifespans. Recent tests have found the folks at Cupertino have been exaggerating the iPhone's battery life significantly -- with none of the current lineup of phones living up to Apple's projected battery targets.

Is it time to replace your Android battery? Signs, symptoms and fixes

No battery lasts forever, and our smartphones are no exception. Many of us have had the experience of our batteries slowly deteriorating over time until it feels like it can barely hold a charge. Well, before you just start over and get a new phone, there are some simple ways you can check on your battery health before you make your next move.
Tips: Tips/Tricks/Troubleshooting February 14, 2019

iPhone battery quitting on you? Here's how to replace it

No batteries last forever, and our smartphones are no exception. Many of us have had the experience of our batteries slowly deteriorating over time until it feels like it can barely hold a charge. Well, rather then just starting over and getting a new phone, there are some simple ways you can replace your battery, either through official means or on your own.
Tips: Tips/Tricks/Troubleshooting February 13, 2019

Is Apple's new smart battery case worth the steep price?

With the brand new iPhone costing around $1,000, you might think that it would have amazing battery life, but that's not the case. While the battery is improved, it still can die within one day of use. Well, Apple released a new smart battery case that can help with that, but is it worth it?

Save battery power on your Android phone

Don't put up with battery breakdown if you don't have to. Sometimes there is a physical issue with the battery itself, but sometimes there’s a setting buried in Android that is draining your battery life without you even knowing it. Just adjust a few things and you’ll find a lot fewer of the frustrating black screens and a lot more of the information and communication you rely on. Read more.
Tips: Smartphones December 20, 2018

How to keep your iPhone battery from draining so fast

Our phones are microcomputers that are constantly using applications in the background, which zaps battery life. They never stay charged as long as manufacturers say they will, either. Here are three things you can do right now that will make your iPhone last longer between charges. 
Tips: Smartphones
December 19, 2018

Battery woes? Find out which phones have the best power

Smartphone technology is always marching forward, progressing rapidly with new hardware improvements with each iteration and model revision. Faster processors, infinity displays, better cameras, waterproofing, facial recognition - the list goes on. But what's the use of having all these fancy features if your smartphone battery can't even last through a full day? Thankfully, smartphone makers are already making strides in improving battery life. How? By optimizing software and by sticking in a bigger battery, of course.
Tips: Smartphones August 10, 2018

What you can do when your Android battery is draining

We love our phones, Android and otherwise, so it’s inevitable we push the batteries to their limits. Especially in moments when we’re lost, so we’re looking at a GPS app while texting a friend, and also playing soothing music to help keep ourselves together, while forgetting to close Twitter. Maybe that’s more of a personal experience, but still, phone batteries need to be reliable so our phones can be reliable too.
Tips: Smartphones August 7, 2018
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