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Eat cookies by the bucket

If you visit Minnesota during the Minnesota State Fair, be sure to stop by Sweet Martha’s, a popular stand that not just bakes cookies, but …
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The mannequin challenge

Remember that challenge when people took videos of themselves trying to stay perfectly still in weird positions? Well that was called the mannequin challenge, and …
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How Target is challenging Amazon

Millions of Americans have moved from shopping in stores to ordering from Amazon. Whether it’s the cheap prices, convenience, or interface, it’s become the preferred …
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Crazy ice skater

“Skating on thin ice” is a common metaphor for risky behavior. For this skater, it’s just how it’s done. First he skates in thin sea …
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Fishing under the ice

For a diver, Lake Saarijarvi in Vaala, Finland, is an underwater wonderland in winter. There’s something surreal about this world, too, but you can’t quite …
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Crazy Canadian ice fishermen

I’ve always thought Canadians must be hardy people. They brave some extreme winters every year, but these Canadian ice fishermen are just crazy. These guys …