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Daily Quiz: Do you know how computers really work?

Think you know how computers work? Test your knowledge of top tech terms with today's fun quiz! There are 21 questions testing your knowledge of what…
Happening Now March 18, 2014

A clever 3-D mahjong game

Windows 8 and Windows 10 users will love this free 3-D mahjong simulator. It's great for killing time and exercising your brain.
Downloads: Miscellaneous February 19, 2016

3 ways to customize Windows 10

Change the default settings on Windows 10 to get your computer running the way you want.
Tips: Computers August 28, 2016

3 best features of Windows 10

Tomorrow is your last chance to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 for free. If you haven't had a chance to see some of the great new features that come with Windows 10, don't worry. We've assembled the three best ones right here!

3 Windows 10 privacy gotchas

If you thought you locked down your WIndows 10 privacy, think again. These three things could still be happening.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy
August 27, 2016

Sluggish Mac? This free app speeds things up

Speed up your sluggish Mac with the MacClean3 app!
Happening Now: Apple April 26, 2016

Sneak Peek: Apple's iOS 10.3 is something you won't want to miss

Apple has just released an update to iOS 10.2, but I've got the inside scoop on what's coming for iOS 10.3. Here's what you can expect to see for your iPhone and iPad in the near future.
Tips: Smartphones
January 24, 2017
Windows 10 Laptop with typing hands

10 reasons not to switch to Windows 10

Microsoft is going to start charging you $119 for Windows 10. You have only a short time to get it FREE before they slap you with that fee. But don't do anything yet. I've got 10 reasons why you may not want Windows 10.
Tips: Fraud/Security/Privacy
June 1, 2016
Canon PowerShot SX50

Massive Canon camera recall

Canon has announced that14,000 PowerShot SX50 cameras will be recalled and the eyepieces replaced.
Happening Now March 12, 2014

3 Windows 10 secrets you need to know

These three hidden features of Windows 10 are extremely helpful, and don’t require any external downloads!
Tips: Computers August 27, 2016
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