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All the details on Apple's new iPhone and iPad

Apple has release a new iPad and iPhone. Find out what's new and when you can get them for yourself.
Tips March 23, 2017

9 best photo apps for your iPhone or iPad

One of the best things about digital photography is that it's possible to take hundreds of photos in a single day. But taking a...
Tips March 22, 2017

Is a “dumb phone” right for you?

Nokia recently announced the re-release of the classic 3310, an unabashedly retro move at a time when the world is obsessed with the latest...
Tips March 21, 2017

Hidden ways to save money at hotels

Have you ever spent hundreds of dollars on a hotel room, only to feel that you were ripped off? That feeling can ruin your...
Tips March 21, 2017

How to transfer albums to your personal computer

If you're like me, you keep all of your photos, music, videos and more on your smartphone or tablet. But what if you'd like...
Tips March 20, 2017

Learn the secret to stopping a text message before it sends incorrectly

Chances are we’ve all been there. Just as you touch “Send” on some hasty message from your iPhone or iPad, you suddenly realize, usually...
Tips March 20, 2017

How to keep your passwords in the right hands in case tragedy strikes

No one likes to think about this, but everyone needs to consider it. That question is: What happens to your digital life if something...
Tips March 18, 2017

How to get the lowest airfare online

Are you ready for your next vacation? Maybe you need a break and want to head to a sunny beach destination. Or perhaps it's...
Tips March 18, 2017

3 ways to check out your neighbors

Whether you live in the country, city or suburbs, it's always a good idea to get to know your neighbors. But that doesn't mean...
Tips March 18, 2017

Essential Facebook settings you need to change now

Having a Facebook account isn't great for your privacy. If you aren't careful, you could post the wrong thing to the world and get...
Tips March 17, 2017

7 great alternatives to iTunes

Had it with iTunes? Here are some alternatives you'll want to try out.
Tips March 16, 2017

How to get your own VR goggles for $15

Virtual reality is the hottest new craze, but the headsets required for this interactive gaming usually cost hundreds of dollars. Luckily, there are alternative...
Tips March 15, 2017

iPhone 8 rumors run both wild and sensible

Rumors are already flying about Apple's plans for the iPhone 8. Some may come true. Some may be way off base, but it’s fun...
Tips March 15, 2017

5 easy ways to secure your home's Wi-Fi

Smart appliances make life more convenient, but they're also compromising your home's cybersecurity. With hacks and identity theft on the rise, your private Wi-Fi...
Tips March 14, 2017

4 reasons private browsing isn't as private as you think

Private browsing mode is a great way to shop for a surprise gift for that special someone, to log into multiple social media or...
Tips March 14, 2017

Sponsor: Protect your business from cyberthreats in five simple steps

Last December, as the year was winding down to a close, an alarming email popped up in my inbox. The email was from my...
Tips March 13, 2017

Want to fly around the moon? Space tourism returns with SpaceX mission

Most of us live our lives with our feet firmly planted on planet Earth. A select few become astronauts and experience a world of...
Tips March 13, 2017

Protect your tax refund from crooks and hackers

Your tax refund is one piece of information away from being stolen. Here's how to make sure thieves don't get it.
Tips March 12, 2017

Use Instagram? You need this to get your hacked account back

It happens all the time. Hackers break into private accounts by cracking the password. But if your Instagram account is compromised, you might be...
Tips March 11, 2017

Unlimited data plan 'gotchas'

You've probably heard about the unlimited data plan war going on between mobile providers. The top four U.S. carriers have been battling it out...
Tips March 11, 2017
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