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5 YouTube secrets only power users know

You spend a lot of time on YouTube, watching the newest videos from your favorite channels or catching up with the antics of the latest viral feline stars. You share videos on Facebook, email them to your mom, and view them on your phone.

Now it’s time to level up your YouTube game. There’s a whole world of YouTube tricks that stretch far beyond just pressing play. Sharpen up your YouTube skills with these five quick tips and elevate yourself to ninja-user status.

1. Turn off autoplay

Autoplay can be convenient if you just want YouTube to feed you an unending supply of videos it thinks you might like, but often you don’t want a random video automatically playing right after you just finished watching another one. This is a quick fix, but it’s easy to overlook. Scan your eyes to the right-hand side of your browser window and look for a small toggle switch labeled “Autoplay.” Click the switch to turn it gray and turn off the endless feed of videos.

2. Link to a specific point

Once upon a time, YouTube limited the length of videos that could be uploaded, but verified accounts can now post very lengthy videos. Never fear. If you see something you want to share at a particular point in the middle of a video, you can get a link that takes people directly to that moment.

Click the share tab below the video. Look for a checkbox below the link. It will automatically display the time at which you currently have the video stopped. You can stick with this time or choose a different time. The link above will change to reflect the new start time. Copy that link and share it over social media or email it to a friend. When someone clicks on it, it will start the video right at that point.

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