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Where to search when Google can't answer your question

Where to search when Google can't answer your question
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Have you ever "Googled" an answer to a question so obscure or specific that even Google's search results can't pin down a satisfactory answer?

Maybe it's a question about a unique situation, a personal experience, a specific health issue, a niche hobby - whatever it is, sometimes even the mighty Google search algorithms can fail you.

If this is the case, there are plenty of other sites you can check in your hunt for answers. Of course, you can always hit your Facebook friends first or throw out a tweet, and hope that someone you know may actually know a thing or two about your query.

But when Google, your friends, and social media fail to answer your fantastic questions, you might want to tap the power of the community "hive mind." Here are several Q-and-A sites you can utilize now when Google is just not cutting it and you need real people to help you out.

1. Komando Message Boards

Before you try any of the other sites I'm about to mention, there's one important thing to keep in mind. Because these sites are open forums, there's no telling who it is that's answering your questions. It could be anyone online who's shared a similar experience, or has taken a few courses on a particular subject.

For some things, that's fine. In a way, it's the online version of neighbors exchanging recipes or housekeeping tidbits. But for some things, getting advice from just anyone doesn't cut it. And one of those things is technology.

That's why you need to be sure to sign up for Kim's Club so you'll always have access to my members-only message boards. Here, your tech questions are answered by experienced experts who know what they're talking about.

Having trouble with Windows 10? Does your computer keep crashing? These are the types of questions that Kim's Club members receive help with every day in my private message boards. And that's just one reason to sign up. Click here to see more than 20 perks that come with your Kim's Club Membership.

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