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Get online with a beautiful new website for FREE

Get online with a beautiful new website for FREE
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What's holding you back from creating your own website? For most, it's the cost of paying a web designer or the daunting task of designing a site on their own.

For others, it's that their business or project feels too small to justify a web presence. Maybe you're a landscaper with a few regular clients around the community, or a seamstress who tailors clothing for your family and friends. No matter how large or small your business is, having your own website can help you get noticed. And what you might not realize is how easy it is to create your own website for free.

People just like you, with limited or no training in web design, are discovering this secret when they use Wix - a service that takes the hassle out of getting your business, portfolio or special interests online.

Wix is a new sponsor of the Kim Komando Show, as well as Komando.com. We're so excited to tell you about how the service works, and what sets Wix apart from other web builders out there. Here are the top three things we know you'll love!

1. Creating your website is FREE!

Not sure which direction you'd like to go with your website, or which pages and features you'll need? If you're hiring a web designer, these are the types of uncertainties that will cost you a fortune. Changes and edits drag the project out longer and add up on the final invoice.

With Wix, it's different. Creating your website is completely free, which means you can experiment with different designs and layouts. And, don't worry - it's not complicated.

2. Tons of templates to choose from

From start to finish, you could have a beautiful new website online in a matter of hours. That's because Wix has an entire library of stunning designs you can choose from.

Start by narrowing down the type of site you'd like. Categories include business, online store, photography, video, music, design, restaurants and food, accommodation, events, blog and others. Then, browse through the templates for a layout that best suits your needs.

3. Drag-and-drop tools make customization easy

Once you've found the best template for your site, customizing it is easy. With a drag-and-drop editor, you can change images, text, add and delete pages, adjust the background, etc.

Bonus: Kim uses Wix personally!

One of the biggest reasons we're so excited to welcome Wix as a new sponsor is that we use it personally. From staff members' blogs and portfolios to real estate listings, Wix has been our go-to tool for custom websites.

Kim even created the following website while trying to sell our old studio building.

While working with a broker, the listing went unnoticed for months. So Kim used Wix to create a custom website to market the property. Within a matter of days, she received multiple offers ready for escrow!

Get started with Wix

Without a website, you could be missing out on incredible opportunities. Wix offers multiple plans, including options for eCommerce and upgrades to include a custom domain name.

The free version includes a free Wix domain name, free hosting, 500MB of storage and 1GB of bandwidth. Premium versions include custom domain names, up to 50GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, built-in Google analytics, premium support and more. Pricing for these plans ranges from $5 to $25 per month, depending on the features you're interested in. Click here to learn more about plan options from Wix, and create your new website today!

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