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10 hidden Android tips and tricks

10 hidden Android tips and tricks

Android is the most popular operating system among smartphone users. It's also the most customizable, if you're willing to put on your techie hat. Hidden features are everywhere in the Android operating system.

These features are built to save you money, power-up your GPS tracking, and even help you get a lost phone back if you need it.

Here are my top 10 hidden cool Android tricks.

1. Add hard-to-type words to your dictionary


Hard-to-type words can be the bane of any on-screen keyboard user's existence. Especially if they aren't in your phone's dictionary. The process of adding it into your phone can be difficult, with many menus to navigate.

Android actually makes it easier than you think. Simply type a hard-to-type word into your text box, and hold your finger over the word.

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It will be highlighted and underlined, but if you continue holding your finger over the word the underline will eventually go away. You can also manually enter a word into your dictionary by tapping the "add to dictionary" button that will appear in the text box.

This actually means that the word has been added to your dictionary. No muss, no fuss.

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