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Hackers are now attacking your router

Hackers are now attacking your router
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If you stop and think about it: Your router is an amazing technological achievement. Here are some of the things it does:

  • Handles gigabytes of 24/7 Internet traffic for years
  • Supports more than a dozen diverse gadgets like smartphones, tablets, computers, video game consoles and streaming video gadgets at the same time
  • Broadcasts a complex wireless signal that fills the volume of a typical house - learn how to boost your signal if it falls short
  • Keeps hackers and other snoops out of your life

Well, for that last one it's supposed to keep snoops and hackers out of your life, but it doesn't always succeed. There are sometimes holes a hacker can use to sneak past a router's safeguards.


Side story: I remember a friend of mine back in the early days of wireless routers who would sneak on to his neighbor's networks. Then he would print out a file on the person's printer telling them how he got in and how to fix it. Unfortunately, most hackers aren't going to be that helpful.

In many situations, the hole can be your fault - say you never got around to securing your wireless network, or you didn't change the router's default password that everyone knows - and those things you can fix. What do you do, however, when the hole isn't your fault?

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