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4 secrets to save big on your cable bill

4 secrets to save big on your cable bill

I like to save money. You like to save money. Everyone likes to save money. There's a Dr. Seuss book here, I just know it.

But the trick is finding places to save money. After you slash your heating bill , lighten your utility bill , blitzkrieg your grocery bill   and get one over on your cellular carrier, what else is there?

Well, if you're like most folks, the next sizable bill you have each month is probably your cable bill. Bring it down out of the stratosphere with these handy secrets.

1. Negotiate modem fees
Did you know you pay fees to lease your cable boxes and cable modem on each bill? You've probably paid more than they cost at this point.

You could buy your own, but you won't start seeing savings for a few years. Instead, call up your provider and ask to have the fees removed. Either that or they should send you new, more advanced equipment.

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2. Negotiate your entire bill
While you're on the phone with...

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