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A simple way to keep snoopers off your Mac

Q. Hey, Kim. I live in an apartment with two roommates. We generally share our stuff, but I've declared my MacBook Air off limits. The problem is that one of my roommates keeps getting on it and messing around. I really don't want her getting into my email or sensitive websites. How can I keep her off my Mac?
-Genevieve from Albuquerque, NM, listens to my national radio show on KABQ 1350 AM


A. First off, Genevieve, if your roommate isn't respecting the boundaries you set up, then you probably have a larger problem you'll need to deal with down the road. But you'll need to call another radio show about that - I'm strictly tech.

So, getting to tech, there is a simple way to keep her off your computer. In fact, whether you have snooping roommates or live alone, this is a step everyone should take. You never know when someone you don't entirely trust is going to get access to your computer.

The easiest solution to stop a snoop is to lock your computer when you aren't using it. The person won't be able to get on to your Mac without the right password.

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