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5 simple ways to maximize your hard drive space

Q. My computer keeps giving me a "low disk space" warning. My hard drive looks like it still has some space left, but I figured I'd clean it up anyway. I poked around it for a bit before I realized I don't even know where to begin! Do you have any suggestions, Kim?
-Rob from Yarmouth, ME, listens to my national show on WGAN 560 AM

A. Modern computers have to hold music, photos, videos, documents, games, graphic editors, word processors, security software and dozens more types of files and programs.

If you have an older computer with a small hard drive, or a new computer with a solid-state drive, you'll run out of room fast.

Even before your hard drive fills up, though, you'll run into problems. Windows uses free hard drive space to move information around. As your free space disappears, your computer will start to drag.

Have a Mac? Click here for my tips to keep it clean and running smooth.

That's why you should regularly clear out junk programs and unnecessary files. I've got five simple ways to clear the digital clutter from your overflowing hard drive.

1. Run Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup is a maintenance utility is built right into Windows. It takes care of temporary files, unneeded Windows updates and more clutter.

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